Top 5 Ways To Stay In Shape Over The Holidays

Top 5 Ways To Stay In Shape Over The Holidays

The holidays are a challenging time to stay healthy. It can be easy to write off November and December and decide that you’ll get back in shape in the new year. But why put yourself behind when you don’t have to?

The truth is that there are a lot of ways to stay in shape during the holidays. You can make wise choices while still having a great time. It just takes a little bit of moderation and some useful strategies. Don’t worry — you’ll still enjoy your favorite treats!

Here are the top five ways you can stay in shape over the holidays.

Make Smart Food Choices

One of the joys of the holiday season is the abundance of rich food and treats. There’s no reason you have to skip out entirely on your favorite cookies or side dishes. The key is to have unhealthy, fun food in small portions.

Are you out for a dinner? Focus on the foods that are high in protein and sides that are baked or roasted, rather than deep fried.

Using these tips, you’ll get more than full without being unhealthy.

You can do something similar at Christmas or other winter holiday gatherings. Have one cookie rather than several. You can enjoy the atmosphere and have a treat without going overboard.

You should also continue to eat healthfully at home. When you cook at home, you can control how much fat, salt, and other ingredients are in the food. It’s much healthier, and it’s very satisfying to eat the results of your work.

Have A Smaller, Protein Packed Meal Before Going Out

This might sound slightly odd - but by planning out and having a low calorie, high protein meal before heading out to an event it will help to stop you binging.

Protein is the most filling macro nutrient so use it to your advantage by increasing your bodies feeling of being full.

If you cannot fit in a meal, try having a simple protein shake on the way to your event.

Drink a Lot of Water

How do you stay satisfied without eating too much? It’s simple — drink a lot of water. Staying hydrated is essential to your health and helps you feel full as well.

Drinking water helps prevent a dry mouth. Having a dry mouth isn’t just uncomfortable; it can cause bad breath and even impact your dental health. Drinking water can also improve your heart health. When you are dehydrated, your blood doesn’t flow as smoothly. As a result, your heart has to work harder, and it’s more difficult to stay active.

Water also helps your muscles and joints work better, which is essential for staying active during the holidays. It’s cold outside already, which can make you feel stiff. Drinking water will help you stay flexible.

Finally, your skin will be glad you drink water. In winter, the air is dry inside and out, and it can impact your skin. Staying hydrated will help your skin stay smooth and supple.

If you are someone who struggles to drink a lot of water without flavour, try adding in a scoop of your favourite BCAA's or EAA's that are packed full of flavour and electrolytes.

Make a Plan to Stay Active

Of course, staying active is essential if you want to keep in shape over the holidays. When it’s cold outside, it can be very difficult to exercise. You don’t want to go out, and you’re not interested in doing much other than snuggling into a warm blanket.

That’s where making a plan makes a big difference. You need to create a strategy to get winter activity. Think about what you enjoy doing. How can you take advantage of that to keep moving in the cold weather?

You can walk outside, snow hike, snowshoe, or even play in the snow or go sledding. If you prefer indoor activities, consider swimming, going to the gym, or using streaming workouts.

However you choose to do it, schedule several days a week to get some movement into your life. You can even dance to your favorite holiday music!

Stick to Your Routine

It’s challenging to stay on track during the holiday season, but using your existing routine can help. What were you doing to stay active during the fall? Keep that schedule in mind.

Yes, you’ll want to add holiday get-togethers, parties, and dinners to your calendar. But if you can keep essentially the same routine when it comes to your day-to-day life, you’ll stay healthier.

Sometimes the holidays become an excuse to ignore your eating and workout plan in general. One party turns into ordering takeout the next night, which turns into skipping your next workout. Don’t let that happen to you!

Instead, see parties and holiday gatherings as the occasional events they are. The rest of the time, stay on your usual routine.

Take Advantage of Technology

There are so many apps and devices that can help you stay healthy; you almost don’t know where to start. This technology can help you stay on track and even make being healthy fun.

Fitness trackers can help you count your steps, which is an important part of your fitness. You can use apps to track your food, workout minutes, and calories burned. Every step matters, from walking during work breaks to standing up during meetings.

Technology can also help you track your heart rate or even track your sleep. Since getting enough sleep is an important part of staying healthy, consider taking advantage of those tools.

You’ll be amazed at how much you learn about your body and fitness while you have fun at the same time.

You Can Stay Healthy During the Holidays!

Many people think that trying to be healthy during the holidays is a lost cause. The truth is that if you follow a few simple strategies, you can stay on track.

Start by making wise food choices, whether you’re at a party or at home. Focus on having your favorite treats in smaller amounts while still enjoying them. Stay active by taking advantage of winter activities or fun ways to keep moving.

Remember that parties are occasional events, and you can stick to your regular routine most of the time. Drink a lot of water and use technology to your advantage. You can make staying fit into almost a game with all of the apps and devices available to you.

Staying healthy can be fun. Enjoy it this holiday season!

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