Top 8 Benefits of Pre Workout

A pre-workout can be a very powerful tool to add to your supplement arsenal given the ingredients are correct for the desired outcome and the clinical dosages are there. In the following article, we will cover 8 benefits of a pre-workout and how you can utilize them to get maximal results.

1. Muscular Endurance

Steroyl vanillylamide (Enduramax) This has been researched to increase exercise performance. It promotes prolonger performance at a great capacity so you can train at your best the entire workout.

2. Increased Blood Flow

There are a few ingredients that help with this purpose but the most tried and tested would have to be CITRULLINE MALATE. This promotes a great increase in blood flow to the working muscles which correlate to a more efficient uptake of nutrients. primeval labs ENGORGE has a good dose of this ingredient giving you some muscle bulging pumps!

3. Delay Fatigue

A common ingredient you will often find in a pre-workout is the infamous Beta Alanine. Typically this is dosed at 2-3g and is responsible for the “tingling” sensation. this will assist in delaying the onset of lactic acid and help you work out harder for longer.

4. Increase Power

Creatine is what supplies your body with energy for explosive efforts such as sprinting and lifting weights in the gym. When energy is used in the body is loses a phosphate and is no longer available to be used for energy. It's creatine which re-attaches that phosphate so it can be used for energy again. This ingredient essentially acts as a energy recycling agent within the body.

5. Burn Fat

L-carnitine is an extremely well tried and tested ingredient that assists with the utilization of fat being used for fuel. This is typically the core ingredient found in a fat burning product but can also be found in pre-workout formulas such as DUST V2.

6. Hydration

Taurine, great for cellular hydration and as a result assists with muscular endurance also.

7. Cognitive Function

Huperzine is a great ingredient often added to non-stimulant or low stimulant pre-workouts such as HYPE EXTREME. Huperzine is classed as a nootropic that greatly assists with cognitive function and provides a good sense of well being.

8. Increase energy

Caffeine, commonly found in a very popular morning “pick me up” drink coffee. Often you will see in more premium pre-workout blends such as DUST V2 a blend of a fast and slow acting caffeine which gives you a good clean boost of energy and focus without the crash.

In conclusion to the summary of benefits listed, when choosing a pre workout ensure the ingredients listed are taken into consideration. Not all good pre workout formulas will contain every single one of these but generally speaking the majority of the ingredients mentioned have been proven to do as they claim and will be of great benefit in your pre workout arsenal.

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