Ultimate Cheat Meal

Anyone who has ever dieted down to single digit body-fat understands the importance of a cheat meal. Not only can a weekly refeed kickstart your metabolism to continue the fat burning process. But it is also extremely satisfy from a dieters mental state.

If you think that your cheat meals were epic before, wait until you see The Ultimate Cheat Meal video.

The Ultimate Cheat Meal makes all other cheat meals look small. Enter the world of Matt Stone. Competitive eater and YouTube personality. Matt is an avid eating enthusiast, and judging by his Instagram account he’s tackled some serious meals!

However his latest attempt has left his fans in awe. Matt has completed the ultimate cheat meal. 25 McDonalds Big Macs in one sitting! Thats one crazy meal!

To put that into perspective, 11lbs of food and over 13,250 calories in total! Not to mention this also cost a whopping $125.

In addition Matt also purchase one Jalepeno Chicken burger, and of course a diet coke. As you have to make sure this 25 burger bender fits into your macros.

Have a look the video below of Matt Stone demolishing the ultimate cheat meal. Setting a new world record for most Big Macs eaten in one sitting!

The Ultimate Cheat Meal Video. 25 Big Macs.

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