Ultimate Motivation by Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman is regarding to many in the bodybuilding world as the Greatest of all time. Winning 8 Mr Olympia Titles, Ronnie has surpassed anyone who has stood before him. And most likely there will be another man on stage with such a complete package as Ronnie.

Everyone who is interested in bodybuilding has at one point watched a YouTube video of Ronnie shouting his signature phrases "Light Weight!" & "Yeah Buddy!". Some may have even replicated these phases on the last rep of a heavy set!

But Ronnies latest post on his Instagram account is one of his most inspiring quotes ever.

For those who where unaware, Ronnie had major back surgery last week. It seems the years of wear and tear in the gym had taken a toll and surgery was required. 99% of the population after having such major surgery would fall into a state of grief, wondering if all the years in the gym where really worth it.

Not Ronnie however, As he posted a short video of him walking with the assistance of beams with the caption reading:

"So you guys still wanna be like me? You still want to have the same work ethic I had? well as you can see, i'm 8x Mr Olympia and I can't walk. I endured an 11 hour major back surgery last Tuesday. Do I have any regrets? Yes, If I could do it all over would I change anything? Yes, If I could do it over I would change one thing. That is when I squatted 800lbs I would have done 4 reps instead of 2. That is my biggest regret in my career. Those two reps I did still haunt me today because I know I had 4 in me but the coward in me only did 2. That is my only regret"

If that isn't motivation, I don't know what is! Hopefully Ronnie recovers soon and is back training harder than ever!

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