Usain Bolt Rio Olympics Workout

Usain Bolt Rio Olympics Workout

Ever wondered what it takes to be the fastest man on the planet? Have a read through some of the exercises Usain Bolt incorporates into this training so that he can dominate on the track in our Usain Bolt Rio Olympics Workout.

Need some training motivation? Have a watch of the Usain Bolt Rio Olympics Workout video below to see how Usain prepared for the Rio Olympics.

Usain Bolt Rio Olympics Workout Motivation

So how can you sprint like Usain? We've compiled a list of gym exercises to help increase your power, explosiveness and agility in the 100m sprint. Check them out below!



Mobility Work

Whether you're in the gym or on the track, mobility is key to peak performance. Practice going through the exercise range of motion to prepare yourself for training and lower risk of injury.

Box Jumps

The 100m sprint is a test of explosiveness, you have to train in that fashion if you want to win. Box jumps help improve lower limb explosiveness, this will cross over to a faster time out of the start.

Barbell Back Squat

Barbell squats are going to result in greater leg drive. Meaning you will be more explosive out of the start and with each stride.

Barbell Hyper Extension

When it comes to strengthening the lower back and glutes, Barbell Hyper Extensions are king. Incorporate these into your training to help power.

Straight Leg Deadlifts

Straight Leg Deadlifts are a great deadlift alternative for targeting the hamstrings. The function of the hamstring is the bend the knee and extend the hips, so when speaking of sprinting, strengthening them will result in a stronger more powerful stride.

All of the movements listed in the table above are predominantly based around building explosiveness and power through the lower limbs. This is a crucial element to being a elite level sprinter.

Utilising these movements into your training block will have result in significant gains in lower limb strength Which will cross-ver into sprinting ability.

We hope you enjoyed our Usain Bolt Rio Olympics Workout!

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