Want to Get Big Biceps? Arm Yourself With These Techniques!

Want to Get Big Biceps? Arm Yourself With These Techniques

Having trouble with the biceps? One of the main problems is that people stick to simple dumbbell biceps curls and expect to get ripped. But, it takes more than that for them to grow stronger and bigger. To achieve the desired result, you must leave your comfort zone. This is where the real work begins.

Building stronger and bigger biceps is a long process. It takes time for the body to create new muscle tissue, which can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months, depending on how much work you are putting in. You would need to be maximising and prioritising their growth with focused upper-body workouts.

Aesthetically speaking, ripped biceps are sure to stand out. But, when working on getting the ultimate results, advanced exercises are the ones that can create that real impact. Here are the most effective ways that can give you the biceps you've been looking for.


Start Your Session With High Reps

People are ramping up the reps to maximise muscle growth, strength, and development. So, to speed it up a bit, your muscles should be working harder than what you are used to. Now, the most difficult and most efficient way to boost the volume of work on the biceps is to do a single tri-set system (6-12-25) to grow huge arms.

You will be doing three exercises back-to-back with not a lot of rest in between. At first, you start with 6 reps, then move to 12, and finally 25. Light dumbbells work best for obtaining solid gains. Here is a practical example.

Do 6 reps of dumbbell reverse curl and rest for 10 sec. Move on to dumbbell biceps curl with 12 reps and again, 10-sec rest. Followed by d by the dumbbell hammer curl, which is 25 reps and a 3 min rest. As you can see, the last one has the longest rest, making it a practical option for muscle recovery and growth.


Go Hard or Go Home – For Fast-Track Results

Our body has two types of muscle fibres. That includes the slow and fast-twitch. The slow-twitch is crucial for endurance but won't give you the pumped biceps you are looking for. Fast-twitch is different. It requires more power and effort.

You need to breathe new life into your biceps. What better way to do that than with centered upper-body workouts? A quick 20 min burst of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) blows up the biceps. There are many exercises that can get the muscles in shape.

You will be using kettlebells, dumbbells, and your own body weight. But, when working with the biceps, you want to be targeting these muscles with options that have the biggest potential. They are a lot more impactful than regular curls. Some of the options below can help.

  • Banded Barbell Curl

A typical barbell curl gets the job done. Of course, when you add a band, you get to make it a million times better. Banded barbell curls add extra tension and engage the muscles, which means you will be doing a lot more work. This will get the veins popping and give you the pump you’ve been looking for.

To do the exercise right, take a barbell in front of you and stand upright. Position one end of the band between the feet and in the hands, Distribute the tension evenly to create a comfortable experience. Then, bend over with a firm grip and begin the curls.

  • Wall Bicep Curl

It’s time to put the biceps to work. When you do a normal curl, the shoulders get most of the job done. But, when the body is up against the wall, that work falls down to the biceps. This is exactly what you need to target these muscle groups and give them the boost in the strength you need.

Begin the workout with a pair of dumbbells in your hands. Then, stand upright with the back up against the wall. Keep the elbows locked against the wall while curling the dumbbells. It is normal for the elbows to move a bit by bit. Just try to limit that movement as much as you can.

  • Kettlebell Towel Curl

Simple but effective. This exercise builds both the biceps and your grip. All you have to do is take a towel and wrap it around the kettlebell handle. Then grip it tightly and stand upright. Keep curling the kettlebell until your biceps and grip start to get tired.


Maintain a Proper Form All the Time

There are a lot of people who try to get their biceps in shape. But, many are arching their back and swinging their weights only to end up with some debilitating back pain. That's because they are not paying attention to their form.

When trying to lift your own weight, don't lean forward or back. That way, you get to build muscle faster without overburdening the system. You will be exercising through a complete range of movements with added flexibility and convenience.

Why? It’s simple. For those who maintain a poor form, all the work shifts away from the biceps and goes towards the tendons and joints. It hinders muscle growth and makes it much easier to get injured. Of course, loading up the bar with the heaviest plates does look awesome.

But, you won’t like what comes next. So, don’t go overboard and waste your time on workouts you can’t finish. Take it slow and up your game as you move along. With time and effort, anyone can get the desired result.


Final Thoughts

It’s normal to push yourself further and try harder. But, you also have to do it right. Pumping up the biceps takes time and a lot of work. So, the next time you grab the handle and start exercising on that pull-up station, make sure to have the dedication to achieve the final result. Maintain adequate posture and add variety to your workout routine. If you don’t think you can handle it alone, ask a personal trainer to show you the ropes. Just keep at it, and you will maximise your training routine.








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