Weight Loss Motivation

Weight Loss is tough, theres no getting around it, and while some people can harden up and keep moving forward regardless. Most of us need some additional motivation from time to time.

If your weight loss has hit a plateau, here's some of our top Weight Loss Motivation tips!

1. Goal Setting

Goals are always a great starting point for motivation, whether the goals are related to weight loss, finance or just general health it doesn't matter. A plan without a goal is setting yourself up for failure.

With weight loss, we recommend making small short term goals which set you up long term for your big goals.

For example, if your goal is to lose 30kg, it can be very demotivating when you have lost 5kg and still realise you have 25kg to go. Instead, we recommend setting your long-term goal as 30kg but short term goals every 10kg to make it more attainable and keep the motivation going.

2. Track Progress

Whether it's weight lost, workouts completed, or progress in the gym. Tracking your progress can be a great way to keep you motivated when dieting.

3. Change it up!

If your motivation is lacking, trying mixing up your training to keep things interesting!

If you are normally training purely cardio, maybe change it up and incorporate some HIIT or weights training to ramp up the calories burnt.

Not only will this burn more calories and ultimately help you hit your weight loss goals faster, but it will aid in muscle growth, resulting in more calories burnt daily and a better overall body composition.

4. Supplement!

If you are really struggling for motivation to get into the gym, try out a thermogenic pre workout supplement like Actv8 Shred from Hybrid Nutrition.

This is a great fat burner that is guaranteed to get you burning more calories, all while giving you a nice energy kick to train harder than you have before!.

5. Music

If you train in a commercial gym, chances are that you have to listen to boring radio stations throughout the day that offer zero in terms of pump up songs.

Get a high BPM playlist going and you will notice how much more efficient and intense your training sessions will be!

We hope out 5 tips for Weight Loss Motivation have helped!

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