Weight Scales

Weight Scales

You dieted all week, you only had one weekly re feed meal as planned, however, it comes to weigh in day and you have put on weight instead of your intended weight loss goal.

Sadly, many people use the weight scale as the only measure of their weight loss journey. There are so many factors to consider... the number on the scale does not and should not determine your progress.

Before we get started, consider this image. Here stands 6 grown women. They are all of different ages, heights, body shapes and backgrounds... yet they all weight 154lbs. This proves the the scale is not a measure or accurate determination for success.


Relax, the number on the scale can be a contributing factor to many issues. The scale does not actually reflect body weight changes, it is seriously just a number.

The following at the top 3 factors that will be a contributing factor and or reason to alter that number on the scale...

  • Water
  • Glycogen Stores
  • Hormones

How you should Measure Weight...

Too many people are concerned and focused as using 'weight scales' as their only form of measuring and recording progress.

Broaden your horizons! There are so many other measurement factors to consider. This will keep you motivated and let you physically or mentally see you if you are making progress.

Initially the scale can act as an indicator, especially for those with a larger body mass, however over time the more fit and muscular you become, the type of training you do... muscle may and probably will eventually weigh more than fat. This may mentally mess with your mind and leave you disheartened.. however this is then not an accurate measurement option when you get to this stage.


A picture speaks a thousand words. When tracking progress by pictures, we recommend to....

  • Wear the same outfit
  • Take the photo in same spot/location
  • Ensure lighting is the same
  • Consider angles

to ensure consistency. This way you will be able to physically examine and compare photos and see where changes are taking place. This will also bring a sense of excitement to see your progress!

By seeing imbalances it will help determine your next step such as restructuring your training or nutrition to reach your desired goals.


The way your usual clothes are fitting, whether they are tighter or looser, can be a great indication on how your progress is travelling! Some examples are as shown...

Fitness Tests

Fitness tests are an indication of fat loss, however, they are a great way to measure your cardio, strength, endurance or overall fitness. It is something to surprise yourself with and see how far you have come or how your goals and progress are coming along.

If you find are at plateau or losing fat or weight, your lack of fitness could be a contributing factor that is holding you back!

Lifting Weights

By lifting weights your body will be more inclined to use excess calories for muscle rather than fat. So forget the scale and go lift some weights!


By taking these topics and suggestions into consideration, we hope you will see results in your progress! We encourage you to keep a healthy physical and mental approach to dieting in order prevent relapses. This will also promote long term results and success in your goals.

Keep in mind, rome was not built in a day. Getting the perfect, desired physique takes effort, dedication, commitment and is not an easy process (physically or mentally). Don't be hard on yourself, perform one step at a time. Love what you do rather than endure it!


In order to achieve desired results or or speed up your fat burning process that little bit faster here are some of our top fat burners that may be of interest and we currently have in stock...

Protein may also be a supplement to consider as it will assist in helping preserve lean muscle mass, gain muscle, aid in weight loss and keep maintenance

Our top proteins we sell that are lean, low in fat and carbs are:

Acetyl L-Carnitine is a great supplement to add when wanting to lose fat. It will help transport fatty acids into energy production.

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