Weight Training Basics

Weight Training Basics

You are looking to get shredded for Summer?

Hopefully you have found the first couple of articles helpful to outline what is involved in this program.

After you have got your nutrition sorted (the most important element) the next step is to start some weight training.

Benefits of weight training

There are many benefits to weight training some of which include:

  • Increase strength
  • Decrease fat %
  • Increase in Bone density
  • Decreased chance of many health issues including high blood pressure and diabetes.

Forms of weight training

There are multiple ways in which you can perform weight training:

  • Body weight
  • Machines
  • Free weights - dumbbells
  • Resistance bands
  • Barbells

Basic principles for weight training

We will just go over some basic terminology and training principles used throughout weight training:

Reps - the number of repetitions you perform of the certain exercise. eg. calf raise 15 reps

Sets - is the number of times you repeat the group of repetitions. eg 2 sets of 15 reps

Rest - the amount of time taken resting or recovery between sets and or exercises

Intensity - Outlines how hard the exercise is to be performed

Progressive Overload - to get stronger and increase your results you need to continually progress your program so that body can adapt to a new stimulus. If you stay the same all the time there will be no body changes.

Variability - Variety in a program is good. Can help break up the routine so you don't get bored. BUT if you are always changing the program your body wont get a chance to adapt to any stimulus, you need to follow some structure.

Movement breakdown

When you are in the gym the movements can be broken down into different categories:

Push - when you are pushing the weight away from your body. eg, push up

Pull - when you are pulling the weight towards your body. eg, chin up

Lower body - any movement where you are predominantly using your legs. eg, squat

Rotation - anything where you are rotating against resistance. eg cable rotation

It is crucial to complete a balanced program in the gym that combines all of these movements. If not, then we get certain areas of weakness and it can also start to contribute to poor posture and contribute to injuries.


For the Summer Shred program, there will be set structured weight training program provided. There will be three sessions to complete each week.
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A Push workout, Pull workout and a Lower body workout.

It is important that all three of these sessions are completed, it is also encouraged to take note of the weight used for each exercise so that you can track your progress and know when to increase the weight.

Check out the next piece on Nutrition 101.





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