Weights VS Cardio for Fat Loss

We exercise for many reasons. Whether it is to just to keep fit, keep healthy or to release happy hormones (endorphins) and just simply feel good. There is no doubt exercise is a great hobby and health prevention activity. However, when people are asked why they exercise, the top answer is 'too lose fat'. So which is the best fat burning exercise? For most, cardio may automatically be the first form of exercise to pop to mind. Or, the question is, is or can weight lifting be more effective? They often have a more curvaceous, toned, sculpted body. Here we have put together a little scenario for you... You be the judge...


When it comes down to losing weight, you either have two options of fat burning exercise, cardio or weight lifting.

Cardio involves cardiovascular exercise. It gets your blood pumping, your sweat on and raises your heart rate. Cardio options can involves treadmills, cycling, aerobic classes etc.

Weightlifting is an conditioning exercise and requires strength. It involves lifting barbells or other heavy weights.

Which Burns More Fat?

Lets take a look at it like this....

This is Pat. He performs weight lifting as his choice of fat burning exercise. In a 45 minute session he will burn about 220 calories.

This is Jasmine. Her choice of fat burning exercise is cardio. In a 45 minute session she could burn about 450 calories.

So, therefore cardio surely wins... 450 > 220. Right?

Stop! EPOC...

Slow down and consider this. There is a functioning response within he body known as Exercise Post Exercise Consumption (EPOC). This response is the amount of calories your body burns after you have completed exercise session.

Let's refer back to Pat and Jasmine to make things more clear...

After Pat's weight lifting session, over the next 72 hours, he will burn an additional 375 calories. His EPOC then ends. This leaves Pat with a total of 595 calories burned from his session.

After Jasmine's cardio session, within then next 12 hours, she will burn an additional 30 calories. Her EPOC will end after the 12 hours. This leaves her will a total of 480 calories burned from her session.

So now, 595 > 480, therefore weight lifting wins as the better fat burning exercise.

Fat & Muscle

It is also important to keep these factors in mind...

When Pat perform weightlifting, he burns fat as well as builds muscle.

When Jasmine performs cardio, she is burning both fat and muscle.

So overall, weight lifting will give you an overall, lean, fit, sculpted look as oppose to a flat, thin look.

Weight Lifting Benefits

Not only have we discovered that weight lifting burns more fat in the long run over cardio, but it also provides other benefits such as..

  • Higher Metabolic function
  • Increase in muscle mass
  • More toned body results

and best of all... it make you feel great! Now you know the great benefits it provides and how it is the best fat burning exercise, get to lifting!

Do What You Love!

Lastly, keep in mind any form or piece of exercise you can perform is great and we are proud of you for beIng active! If you enjoy cardio, keep doing it! We are not telling you to stop or eliminate it from your routine. We are purely stating and answering the often debated question, that yes, lifting weight, in the long run, is a better fat burning exercise than cardio. Do what you enjoy and love but hopefully we have provided you with some knowledge.

**Important Note for the Ladies...

Many woman get intimidated at the first hearing of the word 'weight' thinking it will make them appear 'manly'. This has to be the most common, highly mis interpreted image of what and how a woman will look who lifts weights.

Ladies, we cant stress enough and tell you right now that lifting weights won't make you big and bulky. You won't look like a man. You do not produce enough testosterone. It will actually enhance your feminine curves. Remember strength is not only for men. It will only add confidence and give you a much more positive outlook.

Keep in mind there are so many options available. If you are a first timer and want to begin lifting weight, why not try some group glasses such as body combat? Do your research and most of all, have fun getting fit and healthy!


In order to achieve desired results or or speed up your fat burning process that little bit faster here are some of our top fat burners that may be of interest and we currently have in stock...

Protein may also be a supplement to consider as it will assist in helping preserve lean muscle mass, gain muscle, aid in weight loss and keep maintenance

Our top proteins we sell that are lean, low in fat and carbs are:
Acetyl L-Carnitine is a great supplement to add when wanting to lose fat. It will help transport fatty acids into energy production.

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