What Is ATP Sciences’ GutRight?

There has been a significant increase in severe conditions like Diabetes, Autism, Obesity, Anxiety, Cardiovascular diseases, allergies, and depression over the past 50 years. ATP Science conducted several research studies in which they discovered that many people showed signs of imbalance in gut bugs. These gut bugs proved to be the real cause of these rapidly growing diseases and conditions.

What Are Gut Bugs?

Gut bugs have a key role to play in our immune, metabolic, and inflammatory systems. ATP Science' Gutright does the work of balancing out the ratios of 'Bad' (firmicutes) and 'Good' (Bacteroides) bacteria in our gut.

Bacteroides are referred to as fat feeding bacteria; they help boost our metabolism and block inflammation. Firmicutes, on the other hand, are sugar feeding bacteria. They slow down our metabolism and cause inflammation. When there is the perfect balance between these two types of bacteria, it helps to create an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and antifungal environment in the stomach.

The Diet Aspect

One of the leading causes for the imbalance in gut bugs is our diet. Over the years, there has been a considerable amount of change in our farming, agriculture, food storage, and consumption styles. Most foods we eat today have larger amounts of sugar. They also have less fiber and various antibacterial and antifungal compounds.

What previously used to be seasonal foods are now available year-round, with the help of advanced farming and storing techniques. It means our diet ends up being constant throughout the year. We need to have a varied diet because our body requires different kinds of nutrients. This lack in variety of our nutrients boosts the growth of certain microorganisms, which causes deficiencies in others.

About GutRight

The answer to creating the right balance is GutRight. At Spartansuppz, we have a wide variety of supplements, including ATP Science GutRight. Here is some more information about what it is and how you can consume it.

ATP Science GutRight- What Is it?

  • It is a Modbiotic formulation. It includes a concentrated form of all naturally healthy modbiotic compounds required for our health. Like our traditional diet, it is made up of seeds, peels, skins, and fibres.
  • Gutright will help support the right balance and variety of foods provided with a more natural diet we once consumed. Like the way we supplement the deficient micronutrients with a multi-formulation, or take some added fibres etc. GutRight will help enhance your diet with the right modbiotic compounds.

GutRight Contains:

  • Daikon radish sprout
  • Green ladyfinger
  • Resistant starch
  • Banana
  • Hibiscus powder
  • Larch fibre
  • Vegan Glucosamine (corn-derived)
  • Nutmeg
  • Cacao
  • Schisandra berry
  • Cinnamon

It also contains broccoli sprout, kale leaf, and sprout, pomegranate peel, rosemary, black cherry, apple peel, ginger, sweetener (stevia), rice, and cranberry.

Maintenance program to follow: add 1 flat scoop or 5 gms of GUTRIGHT to a juice, water, juice, NOWAY protein powder, honey or smoothie daily.

At Spartansuppz, you will find ATP Science GutRight as well as a wide range of pre-workout supplements, fat burners, protein powders, carbohydrates, amino acids, non-hormonal muscle builders, and more. We carry products from various brands and also offer free shipping for all orders above $99.95. Feel free to browse our website and order the products you want.

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