Why Bodybuilders Should Consume Whey Protein

Whey is one of the most popular dietary supplements used by athletes and bodybuilders. Along with casein, whey is one of the two types of proteins found in dairy products. It is the by-product of cheese and yogurt and is primarily sold as a powder. Bodybuilders and athletes primarily consume Ghost Whey to increase their athletic performance and improve their body composition.

Whey is not only consumed by bodybuilders, but also by people struggling with obesity or even type 2 diabetes. It helps build muscle by effectively preventing muscle waste while burning fat. Combining whey with a healthy diet and a strict workout routine will help increase muscle mass and reduce excess fat as well.

How Consuming Whey Protein Helps

Here are a few reasons why bodybuilders or athletes should consume whey protein:

  1. Helps in Shredding Excess Fat

Fat is probably a bodybuilder’s worst enemy, and there’s nothing worse for a bodybuilder than to have an excess of it. However, including Ghost Whey in your diet can prove to be extremely beneficial. In addition to burning off excess fat, whey protein boosts muscle mass as well. A research conducted showed that people who chose a whey protein bar over a regular sugar-based one saw a 6% decrease in their fat mass in just three months.

  1. Increases the Size and Strength of Muscles

Once you include Ghost Whey as part of your daily diet, you will see a significant improvement in your strength. A recent study divided 20 bodybuilders into two groups and observed them for over 10 weeks. The first group was given 5 grams of BCAAs along with 15 grams of whey protein, while the second group was on placebo. The group who was on whey saw a substantial improvement in muscle mass and strength. Experts recommend consuming whey protein either 60 minutes before a workout or after, for optimum results.

  1. Faster Recovery

Whey contains all beneficial amino acids that help in muscle protein synthesis. Amino acids are the foundation for building protein particles and are crucial for forming every tissue in our body.

Amino acids are placed into two categories- essential and non-essential. The former are received through diet, while our body synthesises all non-essential amino acids. Ghost Whey is perfect for muscle recovery as it includes BCAAs like isoleucine, leucine, and valine.

  1. Reduces Hunger

By effectively increasing the amino acid concentrations in our blood, protein-rich diets enhance satiety after a meal. In comparison to proteins like casein or soy, whey has proven to show the most substantial reduction in hunger. This is a direct result of the high levels of leucine present in whey. When you consume whey protein 90 minutes before a workout, the hormones that are responsible for hunger increase drastically. It helps us achieve a satiated state much sooner and with considerably less food.

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