The Benefits Of Protein Shakes

The Benefits Of Protein Shakes!

The benefits of protein shakes are widely known, yet it seems like there are more and more items available with a high protein content these days.

There are often new companies offering the latest products with a different nutritional balance to what it traditionally had. But it all comes down to one thing the quantity of Protein within the product!

There are so many varieties of protein supplements available on the market, so supplementing protein can fit in with everyone's lifestyle.

These protein supplements come in the from vegan proteins, casein, soy, whey and even beef collagen peptides.

The best ways to get a good amount of protein in your diet is through solid food, but in today's fast-paced world, it is not always easy to get all of their protein from general food sources.

Thus, this is where protein shakes can help. All you need is a good quality lean protein powder, a shaker and water, and voila, you can keep your muscles fed with ease!

Why Should I Use Protein Powder?

There are many reasons to supplement your protein intake with a protein powder.

Protein has many uses in the human body which expand much farther than just building muscles. Protein is also crucial for the manufacturing of hormones and immune maintenance.

What this means is, that If we do not consume enough protein our bodies can't grow, heal or generally function at an optimal level!

For those leading an active lifestyle, protein is crucial for you achieving your goals. As we know when we exercise our muscles are subjected to micro-tears. If you did not ingest adequate protein your muscles wouldn't heal as quickly and you may find yourself struggling to recover from training and become far more prone to injury.

For this reason, the benefits of protein shakes are very clear. A delicious whey protein shake has become a very popular staple of many peoples workout regime with good reason.

Solid protein sources such as chicken, beef and eggs take time to break down and therefore don't deliver the amino acids to the muscles in a very fast manner. It's best to have a protein shake immediately following a workout, as protein shakes typically take about 30 mins to reach the muscle after being consumed, resulting in faster recovery.

So with the idea being to build a better physique, enjoying a protein shake definitely has its benefits.

Which Protein Is The Best Choice?

Whey has become a favourite supplement for people seeking to put on muscle, lose body fat and generally change their physiques and improve their health.

In order to choose a protein for you, firstly we need to look at what dietary requirements you have. For instance, do you have a diet which is vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or dairy free? We then look at what you want from your protein as there are various types ie: isolates, whey blends, caseins and mass gainers.

As most proteins are sweetened they can also be a great way to have that extra little sweet treat to knock those cravings on the head too

Although they should not be used entirely to ‘replace’ a meal and only to supplement your daily protein intake, these dynamic shakes can make a great occasional light meal replacement. Either for in between meals or for mixing into a smoothy for breakfast.

Protein Supplements Available

We have a wide variety of proteins available at Spartansuppz. Our recommendations for a great protein supplement are:

  • Redcon1 Isotope: Great post training whey protein for fast recovery.
  • Rule 1 Blend: Medium digesting protein for during the day and mixing through smoothies.
  • Maxs Nitetime: Perfect protein for before bed, slow acting for a sustained release.

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