Worlds Biggest Bodybuilder?

I recently came across this monster of a man, Morgan Aste.

He is a monsterous 6 foot 3 (192cm) and 350lb (160kg) lean in the off-season.

Morgan is a French bodybuilder who is quite young in bodybuilding years at just 33 years old.

He still has a lot of good growing years ahead of him yet and could see him on stage at 150kg+ easily.

In this video you see on of the biggest bodybuilders in the world hitting some bench presses in the gym.

Morgan doesn’t train specifically for strength,however his extreme size translates into some decent lifts!

See him bench press 200kg for reps with ease.

The bar has been raised to a whole new level in recent years. Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay has become an underground superstar for his extreme size.

How Big will the Worlds Biggest Bodybuilder Be?

With the like of Big Ramy and Morgan aka the “Big Rock” it makes you wonder,how big can humans get?

The time of bodybuilders competing at 150kg+ on stage may be closer than we think.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won his first Mr Olympia title at a little over 105kg. He and “Big Rock” are around the same height which makes it even more shocking. Frank Zane won the Olympia at just 90kg from 1977-1979.

The worlds biggest bodybuilder is going to a serious freak of nature that’s for sure.

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