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Spartansuppz Come & Train Deadlift Party

Posted by Patrick Dickson on

Recently we put together our 1st Spartansuppz Come & Train Deadlift Party at Spartansuppz Geelong

This meant free product sampling & information session in store at Spartansuppz Geelong with Spartansuppz owner Pat Dickson & Junior Mr Universe Mike Pearson.

This is a great chance to get some personalised advice on your diet,training & supplementation plan.

Then it's time to hit the gym!

All supplements are provided by us at Spartansuppz for everyone who attends the event.

Pre-workout: Blackstone Labs Dust V2

Intra-workout: Hybrid Nutrition Aminoade

Post-workout: Cyborg Sport Enhanced WPI (new choc honeycomb flavour)

This is open training but we lead a strength based back workout kicking off with deadlifts.

If you'd like to get involved in the next come & train event be sure to follow Spartansuppz on social media:


Instagram: @spartansuppz

Facebook: Spartansuppz

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Spartansuppz Come & Train Deadlift Party