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ATP Science AMP V product launch

ATP Science AMP V product launch

ATP Science have set themselves apart from the rest of the pack by bringing innovative and effective supplements to the Australian market.

This trend is continued with their latest product AMP V.

ATP Science AMP V

This is admittedly a weird product. It looks weird,tastes weird and it is certainly a very different product-but it works.

Unlike many fat burning products this is 100% active ingredients. No fillers,no flavours of fancy stuff-just the ingredients you need in their proper form to get results.

ATP Science AMP V has been designed as a pre-workout fat burning solution.

The liquid format also means you get rapid uptake and delivery so you can actually feel the results in a matter of minutes.

AMP V will increase fatty acid oxidation,improve release of fatty acids from adipoctyes (fat storage areas) and promote thermogenesis.

In addition to the fat burning properties this innovative product also improves energy,mental focus and explosive performance.

ATP Science have truly taken the category and tipped it on its head with this product.

Launching at the Arnold Classic Australia this past weekend the initial feedback on AMP V has been incredible.

Don;t get it twisted,at first people thought this was weird. The sample bottles look suspect,but no one could deny the effects of the product.

Look for ATP Science AMP V to hit the shelves at Spartansuppz very soon.

ATP Science AMP V

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