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Dust V2 Cotton Candy & Black Lemonade coming next week!

Dust V2 Cotton Candy & Black Lemonade coming next week!

Blackstone Labs Dust V2

Blackstone Labs Dust V2 has remained our top selling pre-workout for over 12 months now.

The incredible energy,focus along with proven performance boosters and amazing repeat results is what keeps this on top.

If you haven't tried this pre-workout supplement yet,do yourself a favour and check it out,NOW!

If you are with the program and already using this incredible pre-workout, you'll be happy to know it's dropping in 2 all new flavours next week!

At present Dust V2 is available in Blue Sky,Red Ice & Watermelon.

This range is about to expand to include the all new Black Lemonade (Blackberry Lemonade) and Cotton Candy.

The guys at Blackstone haven't stopped raving about these 2 new flavours so we're excited to get these launched so you can try them out for yourselves.

Same great formula that delivers amazing workouts every time, now available in 5 delicious flavours.

For more information on Blackstone Labs Dust V2 check out the supplement review below:

Blackstone Labs Dust V2


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