Blackstone Labs Formula 19 Review

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Product Overview

Blackstone Labs Formula 19 review is a complete post-workout supplement.

This has been designed to incorporate everything you need to grow and recover fast after training.

Ingredient Overview
Formula 19 Nutrition Facts

Formula 19 is quite a simple product and aims to maximise post-workout muscle recovery.

This requires a number of factors-mainly stimulating protein synthesis and raising insulin levels to blunt cortisol.

Each serve packs 50gm of carbohydrates from poly,mono and trisaccharides. This provides a blend of fast and medium acting carbohydrate sources. Typically you only see one type of carbohydrate source in a product. This blend is referred to as the R3 so you get short,medium and long carbohydrates sources.

This means you raise insulin levels quickly to blunt cortisol and drive nutrients into the muscle cells. More importantly insulin levels don’t spike and crash. They stay elevated for longer to take full advantage of the post-workout anabolic window. You’ll also notice better recovery and feeling better post-workout without the energy roller-coaster often found with fast acting carbs.

Next up in Formula 19 review is the glutamine blend with a huge 10g per serve. This is made of l-glutamine and magnesium glycyl glutamine. This is a much more stable glutamine blend with better absorbency. Glutamine is a very abundant and important amino acid for nitr0gen levels and immune health however it is often absorbed poorly.

Now comes the muscle building king. Each serve of Formula 19 Formula 19 has a full 5gm of leucine. Leucine is the specific trigger for muscle protein synthesis and signalling your body to start building muscle again.

During training we’re actually breaking down muscle so it’s important to flip that over as soon as possible post-workout.

3-5gm is considered optimal so this is right at the top of this and girls could even get away with 1 scoop of this product.

You also get 200mg of the potent anti-oxidant alpha lipoic acid. This is a very effective ingredient for improving insulin sensitivity and also shuttling nutrients in the muscle stores where they are needed most. Great ingredient and again a full efficacious dose.

Add in some electrolytes for re-hydration after a tough workout and you have a very comprehensive post-workout supplement.


Formula 19 review comes in 3 flavours:

  • Blackcurrant
  • Orange
  • Fruit Punch

The flavours are on a whole new level and the guys at Blackstone Labs have really nailed the flavour systems on these.

Blackstone Labs Formula 19 Review

Simple,well designed,complete and delicious. This is one supplement EVERYONE should be taking if looking to get bigger,stronger or perform better in any sport.

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