In to fasted cardio? Great! But first take a read of this.

Fasted Cardio with ATP Science

This is a morning protocol to maximise the positive effects and fat burning from fasted cardio while minimising the negatives.

Training is not just about working harder but also working smarter.

Anyone can work harder,but we want you to have the right tools to reach your goals faster.

The Protocol

Step #1: Rub a small amount of Subcut into the target areas. This is a site specific fat burner which helps to mobilise fatty acids in those hard to target areas. This works best when taken before exercise. Common areas used are the glutes,thighs and stomach.

Step #2: Black coffee (optional). This is to help increase energy,performance and mental focus. Coffee should be black with no sweeteners or sugar added as we want a fasted state.

Step#3″ Take 2-5gm acetyl l-carnitine. This is your fat metaboliser. It not only boosts mental focus but also helps to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria where they are burned for energy.

Step #4: Shower! This would be a given but also prepares you for the final step. Apply Block E3 to the estrogen dominant areas. This is generally the glutes/thighs for ladies and lower back/hips/stomach for the guys. You should also re-apply Subcut at this time.

What is Fasted Cardio?

A fasted state is generally considered to be once you have been without nutrients for 8-12 hours. This is considered by many to be an ideal time to do cardio as glycogen stores are lower so you can burn more body fat for energy.

The Fasted Cardio with ATP Science protocol was designed to maximise fat burning and fat cell mobilisation. The protocol is quite basic but takes full advantage of the faster state.

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