ATP Science now available

ATP Science now available

ATP Science now available

We are very happy to announce that we are now carrying the entire ATP Science supplement range!

We’ve had a lot of requests and enquiries about this brand and being we are men of the people-we delivered!

We have teamed up with the fine people at ATP Science to bring you their full line of sports supplements.

Here’s a brief run down on each of them and what they do:

  • Alpha Mars: Male potency testosterone booster. Optimise natural testosterone for increased muscle mass and recovery.
  • Alpha Venus Grey: Estrogen detoxifier specifically for males. Yield the benefits and eliminate the side effects for better muscle gains,lower body fat and increased use of nutrients for growth
  • Alpha Venus Pink: Specially designed for ladies to promote the good aspects of estrogen and eliminate the bad.Works with your body to help improve body composition,boost recovery and lean muscle.
  • Prototype 8: A unique liquid pump formula which is applied to specific muscles to enhance blood flow and keep it in the target muscle for longer.
  • Subcut: Site specific fat burner. Targets stubborn areas with proven ingredients to mobilise fatty acids for burning.
  • Block E3: Site specific estrogen blocking cream. Target problem areas like the stomach and lower back for a leaner,tighter appearance.
  • T432 Plus: Metabolic catalyst designed to better utilise thyroid hormone for a healthier metabolism and better use of food as fuel. Stay leaner,get into shape faster and do it while keeping your metabolism in check.
  • Dragons Breath: Alleviate joint pain by improving blood flow and reducing inflammation.
  • Infrared: Non stimulant based performance pre-workout supplement.
  • Cort RX: Cortisol reduction,adrenal support and effective sleep aid.

buy atp science supplements online

The ATP Science supplement line is now available with free postage Australia wide and $9.95 flat rate shipping worldwide.

Our international shipping on ATP Science supplements comes with tracking and dispatch notification so you can follow your orders progress anytime.

We’re very happy to be supporting this Australian company and sharing their innovative products with the rest of the world.

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