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Blackstone Labs Apex Male Review

If you follow us on social media (which you should;)) you’d know we’re pretty big fans of the Blackstone Labs product range.

They put together some seriously effective supplements and are always on the cutting edge of innovation.

Apex Male is no exception to that statement.

This was designed to be the most powerful and effective natural testosterone boosting supplement on the market.

You’ll soon be able to get your hands on the gang busters test booster in convenient powder form.

We’ve had this in stock before-but to be honest, it tasted like shit.

You know we keep it real here at Spartansuppz, so we ain’t going to sugar coat it. Apex Male review on the flavour was far from great.

But our boys at Blackstone have taken this back to the lab and worked hard to develop an all new flavour system. The pina colada now tastes pretty damn good. We don’t expect a test booster to taste amazing bu any stretch but is definitely one of the best tasting on the market.

Apex Male Review:Formula

Here’s a breakdown on the key ingredients:

Bulbine: This is a hot ingredient in test boosters which is all the rage at the moment. This has been shown to not only increase free testosterone but also work as an estrogen blocker. Studies on this produced as high as a 346% increase in testosterone!

Vitamin D: This will help the other ingredients to work better and maximise natural test. A vitamin D deficiency is a marker of low test so this is a great addition.

DIM: Effective herbal anti-estrogen to elevate free testosterone.

NMDA: This is 100x more potent than regular d-aspartic acid and has been proven to provide up to a 40% increase in testosterone in just 8 days.

Prunella Vulgaris: Effective anti-estrogen.

Bioperine: Enhances absorption and utilisation of the other ingredients.

On paper this looks like a very solid product. Although we don’t know the exact doses based on the order of ingredients and knowing their effective dose I could say the dosing it pretty good.

Bulbine being first in the blend is a big vote of confidence as well.

Apex Male Review: If you are looking for a truly potent natural test booster, you should try this out.

It utilises well researched ingredients which all compliment each other for maximum effect.

Value for money considering the formula is quite good and with the new flavour it’s a very impressive product.

Get yours here: Blackstone Labs Review


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