Maxs Lean Review

The Max’s Lean is the base product for anyone completing the Max’s Challenge.

We were fortunate enough to be sent a few tubs of the range to test and try out.

Let’s get into it and break this product down.

The Formula

This is a whey protein blend. It contains a mix of whey protein isolate,whey protein concentrate and some added free form amino acids.

The advantage of a whey protein blend is you get some of the dairy benefits you don’t typically get with a whey isolate. It also makes the product much more cost effective and tasty.

For the purpose of getting into shape this is a great choice. It will sustain you for longer,increase satiation and also be much more versatile.

At 80% protein this is quite lean for a whey protein blend.

This also has some added free form amino acids including extra glutamine for recovery and immune support.


When it comes to protein powders one of the biggest factors is the taste. Maxs Lean comes in Milk Chocolate and Vanilla. The flavours are great! Max’s have done a great job on the flavours for this one. The chocolate is very much a milk chocolate as described. It mixes relatively easy (although I’d recommend using a blender ball just in case) and tastes really good. Not overly sweet or underwhelming. This could easily be taken a few times throughout the day without getting sick of the taste.

Value for Money

Value on this Maxs Lean Review is quite good. 60 serves for $89.95 making it $1.50 serve. This is about on par with the US whey protein blends for around the same price.

Whey blends are generally pretty good value for money and this is no exception.

Maxs Lean Review

This is going to be your go to protein source for the Maxs Challenge any time throughout the day.

Previously you may have been using SuperShred in place of this. This is a good change and will sustain you for longer and will also save you quite a bit of money.

Check it out here: Shop Now

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