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Wicked Supplements Res100 Review

Posted by Patrick Dickson on

We’ve carried the Wicked Supplements line for some time now-but never got around to a review on it.

Res100 is a product that gets consistently good reviews so I thought I better get a review done. We get asked a ton about this product so here it is.

Res100 is a liquid based testosterone booster/anti-estrogen from Australian supplement company Wicked Supplements.

The Formula

This is a pretty simple blend but has been carefully put together to ensure maximum results.

Resveratrol 100mg: This is a natural estrogen blocker and test booster. It also acts as a vasodilator for stronger erections! Girlfriends beware!

7,8 Benzoflavone: This is the main component and stimulates great production of testosterone. This stimulates the production of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GNR). This then signals the testes to produce more testosterone. Ordinarily once hormone levels start getting higher the body down regulates GNR. Res100 inhibits this action which means higher GNR,LH and testosterone.

These work in synergy to signal more testosterone production by up-regulating GNR and LH. This action means increasingly higher natural testosterone as well as increased sperm count.

The standout of this product is the liquid form. Although this looks a bit different it is not without reason. Res100 uses a self emulsifying drug delivery system(SEDDS). This amplifies the absorption and utilisation of ingredients significantly so you get better results faster.

Res100 Review: Results

Unlike many products Wicked Supplements actually have published blood test results from a number of users. This stuff is the real deal!

Being able to produce more natural testosterone will translate into more total and free test. This means increased strength,faster recovery,greater sex drive and more muscle mass.

This can be used on and off in a cyclical fashion more or less forever. It also doubles as an excellent post-cycle therapy. It’s a ability to upregulate GNR,LH and FSH make it ideal for restoring healthy natural testosterone production.

This is one potent and effective product. There’s hundreds of user Res100 review from users and it’s easy to see why. The formula is quite basic but effective. Nothing complicated just simple science to deliver effective results.


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