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ACTV8 Shred Review

ACTV8 Shred Review

Hybrid Nutrition ACTV8 Shred Review

ACTV8 Shred from Hybrid Performance Nutrition is a complete fat burning supplement.

It aims to cover all aspects of fat loss-and it does a pretty damn good job of it.

Let’s break down the formula and tell you what’s in it:

1000mg Aceytl L-Carnitine: Fat metaboliser. This is a must have for using fat for energy and also boosting mental focus.

250mg Forskolin 10%: Proven metabolic booster. Burn more calories throughout the day. Simple yet very effective.

250mg DL Choline Bitartrate: Increase mental focus and brain function. This plays a critical role in brain and neural function. Also contributes to the mood enhancement.

250mg Macuna Preriens: Enhance mood and mental focus for hours. Increase release of l-dopa for powerful mood boosting. This also reduces stress/cortisol further improving fat loss results.

200mg Caffeine Anhydrous: Boost nervous system function,energy and mood. This dose provides clean energy without the crash. Fast acting for a quick energy hit.

200mg L-Theanine: Mood enhancement and promotion of cardiovascular capacity.

125mg Infinergy (Di-Caffeine Malate): Long lasting, sustained energy-feel good for hours with no crash.You’ll feel energised for hours without it ever being over the top or all at once.

100mg Evodiamine: Increase thermogenesis and calories burn. Effects you really feel going to work.

Synephrine 25mg: Stimulate metabolic rate,decrease appetite and enhance mood.

Capsicum (Cayenne Red Pepper 40,000 SHU): Boost metabolic rate and stimulate thermogenises.


As claimed this really does attach fat burning from all angles. It has the thermogenics to increase metabolic rate. It has a great energy/focus blend. Then there’s the mood enhancing,cortisol inhibiting and appetite control. This really does target all aspects when it comes to the big picture of burning body fat and looking good.

To be honest the ALCAR could be higher dosed. Clinically dosing it 3-5gm per day. For optimal results add an addition 2gm each time you take this product.

The energy and focus on this product is the real standout. It provides a feel good focused energy that lasts for a number of hours with no crash at all. You feel switched on,motivated but not remotely jittery or anxious. Energy is somewhat mild as it doesn’t really come on or off but it’s very clean.

ACTV8 Shred Review: Flavour

When I read this was dessert punch flavour-I had no clue what that meant but I feared the worst. To my surprise I opened this up,dropped a scoop in a full shaker and tried it out. It’s orange pineapple and the flavour really is on point. I personally like to mix my serve in a solid litre of water just because it tastes so good.

Strange name but a good flavour you won’t be bored of anytime soon.

Overall Rating: 9/10

This would have to be one of the best fat burning supplements on the market. Formula is good,value is excellent,flavour is good and the effects are great. Only really point I could fault would the ALCAR dosage but this is the case with just about every fat burner.

ACTV8 Shred review: for a great complete fat burner I’d recommend checking this one out.


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