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Cobra 6p Extreme Powder Review

Posted by Patrick Dickson on

Blackstone Labs Cobra 6p Extreme

This is one we’ve been looking forward to getting into the warehouse and have big expectations for.

Cobra 6p Extreme Powder review: This is the Australian version of the popular capsule product of the same name from Blackstone Labs. As you know capsules can be quite difficult in Australia but Blackstone formulated and produced his one especially to accommodate the Aussies down under!

This is a thermogenic fat burning supplement. It’s primary objective is to increase your metabolic rate for faster fat burning. When it comes to losing body weight/fat the key determining factor is to expend more calories than you take it.

What’s in it?

Here’s a breakdown on the ingredients and what each of them does. This is a tiny scoop and just 1466mg in total. But don’t let it’s lack of size fool you-this packs a punch!

Caffeine Anhydrous: This is a must have in any good fat burning supplement. Increase central nervous system,decrease reaction time and boost performance.

Achyranthes Aspera: Helps to balance blood glucose levels & increase thyroid hormone for more effective fat loss.

Higenamine: Great mood enhancer and also helps with body alertness during exercise.

Theobromine: A natural source of caffeine that also helps to increase insulin sensitivity.

Advantra Z TM:  This facilitates the utilisation of substrates for energy. It enhances amino acid uptake and lipolysis (fat break down). This is the only patented thermogenic ingredient on the market.

Bioperine: A digestive enzyme that ensure optimal utilisation of the other compounds.

The formula on Cobra 6p Extreme Powder is concentrated and effective. Although not a complete fat burner this is a very effective and potent thermogenic and energy supplement.

After taking this you’ll feel a noticeable rise in body temperature and


At present this is only available in Kiwi Strawberry flavour. As we’ve come to expect of Blackstone Labs the flavour is quite good and not over-powering.

Knowing how busy the guys at Blackstone Labs like to keep themselves there will be more flavours to come in the future.

Update: Watermelon flavour is now also available and tastes amazing!

Cobra 6p Extreme Powder Review

If you’re looking for a hard hitting thermogenic fat burner-this would be a great choice. With 60 serves per container the price per serve is just $1.33 which is quite good. This is not a complete fat burner and does lack the fat metabolising ALCAR. However as a thermogenic is it very. This is fat burning you can really feel going to work and you certainly won’t be low on energy while using this.

Another effective product from our friends at Blackstone Labs.

Shop here: Cobra 6 Extreme Powder 

Blackstone Labs Cobra 6p Extreme

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