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Miss BPM Lipofemme Review

In an industry full of fat burners and pre-workouts it can take a significant move for companies to stand out. BPM Labs is certainly of one of those companies which stands out. This is the company that brought you ‘THE ONE“, the pre-workout that rocked gym-goers socks off.

So it isn’t surprising that their newest thermogenic fat burner ‘LIPOFEMME‘ packs quite a punch!

If there is one key thing to learn about this product it is that you SHOULD NOT be fooled by the female friendly packaging and name!

LIPOFEMME is one POTENT high energy thermogenic! This product is bound to make even the most experienced stimulant users sweat, regardless of gender!

What’s in it?


Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 2.09.41 pm The ingredients within LIPOFEMME  are added for the purpose of increasing thermogenesis. This means more fat being used for energy and a great metabolic rate.

The stimulant/thermogenic effect from this product is intense!

Combining Pouchong Tea (AMP Citrate), Caffeine, Nandina Domestica, Green Tea Extract and MANY more, it is bound to get you out of you calorie deprived lethargic state.

Miss BPM also adds into the mix Garcina Cambogia and Raspberry Keytones. This aids in the breakdown of fat and reduce the storage of excess energy into fat molecules.




While LIPOFEMME isn’t the most complete fat burner to hit the market. If you are after a higher stimulant thermogenic compared to a lower stimulant product than LIPOFEMME is definitely one to consider. Add yourself some acetyl l-carnitine to this and you have a great fat loss stack.

Retailing at for $64.95 for 50 serves Miss BPM Lipofemme Review is great value.

This is available in delicious strawberry kiwi flavour and tastes amazing! Light, refreshing and very easy to drink.

Good value fat burner and a great addition to your plan for anyone looking to get into shape and lose body fat.


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