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Blackstone Labs Resurgence Review

Business development manager Declan Boyle and Bossman Patrick Dickson get up close and personal with hot new all-day amino acid supplement Resurgence.

This packs a proven 2:1:1 ratio of branched chain amino acids along with a blend of essential amino acids making it perfect for use throughout the day or in between meals.

This also has added HICA which is a leucine metabolite to increase protein synthesis.

Add to this the mental focus blend and you have a product that provides a nice boost to your mood and great mental focus without the use of stimulants.

Blackstone went one step further on this one with a full 100% of RDI dose of vitamins. This really sets it apart from the pack for us as we all could eat a lot more variety in our diets but often miss the mark so getting them in this format is a real bonus.

Flavours available are fruit punch and the real standout for us-Pina Colada.

Possibly the coolest flavour we have seen in quite some time we were itching to try this one for weeks before it landed and it didn’t disappoint.

Resurgence is available now online-click here to shop now

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