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DYEOxide Pre-Workout Review

DYEOxide Pre-Workout Review


This was one supplement I was honestly dreading the thought of. When the boys from DYE sent us a tub of this I left is sitting on my desk for almost a week before trying it. There was a lot of hype behind the product and it had been quite a while getting to market so I feared the product wouldn’t even come close to living up to the anticipation-but it did!

A very pleasant surprise with DYEOxide packing a serious punch and hitting the nail right on the head in terms of focus,pumps,energy and taste.


DYEOxide-Energy: 9/10

This product packs 300mg caffeine per serve-so energy is certainly not an issue. This is a fair hit and will really get you fired up for just about any workout. For a higher stimulant product however it doesn’t feel over the top at all with the energy remaining high but clean and focused. The addition of n-acetyl l-tryorosine,acetyl l-carnitine and glucoronolactone make more great mental focus to channel the high energy from this product. This produces great workouts and you will feel directed energy as opposed to the scattered variety provided by just slapping way too many stimulants into a product.

DYEOxide-Performance: 7/10

Clinically dosed beta-alanine and taurine make for great buffering of lactate and resistance to dehydration common in intensive training. This combo is tried and true and is a very welcome addition to the product. If you are prone to the beta-alinine tingles then you will be itching your face off in no time with this product and it’s 3000mg dose.

The only noticeable missing ingredient from this product is any form of creatine. The addition of 500-1000ml creatine hcl would have made a big performance increase to this product but not an issue if you are already taking creatine supplementally.

Another standout of this product is the pumps. The combination of elevated performance from the stimulants, beta-alanine and tyrosine when combined with glycerol monostearate is fantastic. I’ve long been a fan of glycerol as it is not only great for pumps but also for cell hydration and nutrient transportation. This means a double up effect of better lactate clearing and much improved pumps. Start hitting some higher reps while using this pre-workout and you will feel some seriously potent muscle pumps.


DYEOxide-Taste: 9/10

Quite simply put-the flavour is delicious! DYEOxide is only available in grape you certainly won’t be blown away by the variety of the flavours but thankfully this product really performs here with smooth clean taste and nasty after taste.


DYEOxide-Crash: 8/10

For such a high energy product and me being rather sensitive to caffeine I expected to be feeling rather down and out after training-but I wasn’t. The energy decline was nice and gradual and the addition of the mental focus enhancers in DYEOxide make for channeled energy allowing returning to other things you need to do no issue at all. The transition back to your normal self was quite smooth and as a result sleep that night was also no issue. I would however recommend starting out with 1/2 a serve of this to asses your tolerance before moving up. Given that DYEoxide has a fair hit of caffeine this would be best especially if you are stimulant sensitive of have been taking a break from pre-workouts.


DYEOxide-Overall Rating:8.5/10

Tons of clean,focused energy, great taste,ridiculous pumps and little to no post-workout crash make this without doubt one of the better pre-workouts on the market at the moment. The range of flavours will not impress but there is no doubting the performance of the product and to be completely honest despite the fact I was dreading trying DYEOxide initially-I must admit I have used it every single workout since that first trial. The energy hit and performance boost without being too over the top is fantastic. Even with 1/2-2/3 of a serve you really feel this going to work and can;t help but feel motivated to train. The addition of great performance boosters in adequate dosing make this a top performer.

It was quite a wait for this product being almost 18 months in development before the actual release but I am happy to say that despite my doubts it was well worth the wait.

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