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Spartans Crew Top 5 Pre-Workouts So Far 2014

Spartans Crew Top 5 Pre-Workouts So Far 2014

Ok-we get hit up A LOT about what we think is the ‘best’ pre-workout so we’re going to break it down for you to make it nice and easy. We are not claiming these to be the absolute best in the world or top sellers just what we feel are the top 5 in category and would recommend you to try.

This is what we feel are the best pre-workouts-in no particular order that we personally like and will reach for before heading to the gym.

#1- Platinum Labs Defcon 1:  

Defcon 1Australia’s most popular pre-workout and for good reason. Defcon 1 provides consistently good workouts with great energy,mental focus for days,fantastic pumps and zero post-workout crash. The kicker on this one is the consistency. Unlike many other products this will give you a 10/10 workout every time you use which means 30 scoops will give you 30 workouts and not many products can say that. 

#2 Do You Even DYEOxide:

Dyeoxide pre-workoutThis was one we were honestly shocked by and weren’t expecting much of at all. When we were sent a tub of it to try pre-release we were actually dreading it and expecting it to be a complete waste of a workout-but it blew us away. Energy was great,focus was incredible,pumps were strong and the flavour was delicious. A higher stimulant product so we’d recommend starting out with half a scoop if you aren’t used to stronger stimulant products and to avoid any lack of sleep side effects. This was one damn impressive product. If you like a strong pre-workout and good pumps to boot then this is one you’ll love.

 #3 BSN N.O. Xplode Re Engineered

BSN N.O. Xplode 3.0BSN put some serious R&D into this product-and it really shows. This one isn’t something that will completely blow your hair back but it will give you consistently good workouts and good pumps aswell. Value for money is also excellent on this with 45 serves for just $49.95!4 flavours to choose from and great workouts. It won’t send you crazy but you’ll really feel it keep you going towards the end of your workout when you’d normally start slowing down and performance dropping.

 #4 GAT Supplements Jetfuse NOX

GAT Jetfuse NOX

This was a brand we were quite fond of before even trying it as the formulas looked really solid-but the Jetfuse NOX was not on this list of products for us. Being that it was arginine based we weren’t expecting much of the product to be honest.

This opinion quickly changed upon trying it! Flavours are delicious,endurance and focus in the gym was great and the pumps were up there with the best of any pre-workout supplement on the market.

Very impressive product and it delivered much more than you would expect. This is GAT’s low stimulant product with only 100mg of caffeine per serve but it does the job and provides a nice boost without being over the top-you could even double scoop this without over doing it at all and get a nice double serve of those muscle building ingredients in the product.

Factor in that this product has a massive 52 serves per container and this becomes one hell of a pre-workout.

 #5 iForce Nutrition Hemavol

iForce HemavolAn old faithful this still remains the best non-stimulant pre-workout supplement on the market. Perfect for an arm workout or late night training Hemavol delivers consistently amazing muscle pumps and nutrients delivery for great workouts without the stimulants.

With 6 flavours to choose from which are all delicious this is also a great product to stack with your stimulant based pre-workout for even better pumps and performance.

Great focus,amazing pumps without the stims-Hemavol is one of our long-term favourites.


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