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Platinum Labs Defcon 1 Review

Platinum Labs Defcon 1 Review

When I first got sent a tub of this product I wasn’t exactly full of excitement-especially given this was an Australian product.

I love Australia but when it comes to pre-workouts Aussie supplement companies have left a lot to be desired.

That is certainly not the case with Defcon 1. The workouts could best be described as euphoric with a fantastic blend of clean energy,crazy mental focus,great endurance and nasty muscle pumps.

What is Defcon 1?

Generally pre-workouts either fall into 1 of 2 categories-concrentrated stimulant or complete. Defcon 1 combines a nice blend of the two classes providing great energy and focus but uses a very well put together product formula so they could offer clinical dosing on key ingredients and still offering a conveniently small size.


How does it work?

The formula in Defcon 1 is nothing short of genius and the boys at Platinum Labs have truly outdone themselves with this one.

Here’s a breakdown of key factors:

Energy: This is provided by a combination of caffeine,theobromine and pea. These provide a nice, clean increase in energy and although the energy is really good it feels very controlled and non-jittery.Also has a nice hit of B12 to make for a nice smooth transition to your normal self post-workout.

Focus: TMG and CDP choline provide a great boost in both mental focus and happiness. Choline increases sensitivity to dopamine and when you combine this with a hit of caffeine you are set for a nice sense of well being and clean energy. Think sipping a nice coffee on a lovely summers afternoon without a care in the world. The addition of taurine and tyrosine also makes these ingredients have an even better effect.

Pumps: Defcon 1 really comes into it’s own here with 750mg of agmatine sulfate and 500mg citrulline for crazy muscles pumps.


Performance: No expense was spared in this department with full clinical dosing of both carnosyn beta-alanine and creatine hcl. These are two must haves in a pre-workout and we @ like science based products that are proven to work. Stimulants don’t provide better workouts-just motivation to do so-it’s the performance blend that will allow to you to push harder and delay fatigue in the gym and Defcon 1 is a real standout pre-workout here. The use of creatine hcl means dosing can be kept low while still be very effective in terms of performance.



In a word-awesome! This would have to be one of the most impressive products I have ever had=period. It’s really unlike any other product in that is provides alot of everything-great energy,tunnel vision focus,happy feelings throughout the workout,nasty pumps and excellent performance. The standout of this product is the repeat performance. 1 scoop provides you a damn good workout-every single time you take it. Many pre-workouts work well the first week and then require ever increasing doses but Defcon 1 continues to deliver consistently amazing workouts one day 21 just as it did on day 1.

With 30 serves/workouts in a tub for under $60 (even cheaper if you grab a twin pack)


Our Rating?

We give this a 8/10. It would be hard to find a much better all-around product. This provides something for everyone. The flavours are great,it mixes well,value is good the formula/dosing blow your air firmly back and it delivers this over and over again.


When we head into the gym @ Spartansuppz HQ and have a choice of pre-workout-9/10 times we’re going to grab Defcon 1.

Consistently amazing performance.


For more information on reviews on products like Defcon 1 check out the Blackstone Labs main page.


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