Blackstone Labs Epi-Test Review

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test Review

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test Review

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test is one hell of a muscle building supplement.

This combines testosterone boosting,estrogen blocking,cortisol control along with the muscle building power of Blackstone Labs star product EpiCat.

When it comes to hormonal products Blackstone Labs are serious players and know a thing or two about making a great supplement.

Epi-Test was designed specifically for the Australian market.

This product covers a wide range of uses and benefits and delivers amazing results you can feel and see taking place.

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test

The Formula

Green Tea Leaf Extract 300mg: This might seem like a strange ingredient in a testosterone boosting supplement but have faith. Aside from the fat burning benefits green tea extract is also inhibits 5-alpha reductase which converts testosterone into DHT. This is the negative side-effects of testosterone such as hair growth/loss.

Epicatechin 250mg: Becoming a hugely popular ingredient epicatechin is has been clinically shown to not only increase strength but also elevate follistatin levels. Follistatin then decreases myostatin which acts as a restrictor on muscle growth.

This effectively raises/eliminates the limited on muscle building while providing increased strength for greater training capacity!

Fenugreek 250mg: A well researched and documented booster of testosterone levels fenugreek also works to block the conversion of test into DHT.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) 150mg: DIM works as a estrogen modulator to more effectively process estrogen. Increase the positive effects of estrogen while eliminating the negative side effects for better recovery & muscle building environment.

Ashwaghanda 100mg: Another potent testosterone boosting ashwaghanda also works as an effective cortisol blocking agent. Cortisol is a catabolic hormone which is responsible for muscle breakdown. Eliminating/minimising this hormone is very advantages and beneficial when it comes to building muscle.

Acacetin 10mg: A powerful anti-aromatase this compound prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This in turn leads to dramatically higher free testosterone and an overproduction of natural testosterone to fulfill the demand for estrogen.

This is a very well put together product. Each ingredient has been carefully selected,dosed and taken into consideration.

Here's what Blackstone Labs in house formulator The Guerrilla Chemist had to say about Epi-Test:

Epi-Test was designed to increase strength and build muscle via arguably the 2 most important pathways: increasing testosterone and decreasing factors that breakdown muscle!  EPI-TEST’s all-star ingredient, EpiCat, was clinically shown not only to increase strength, but also increase the concentration of a protein called follistatin.  Elevated follistatin levels have been shown to decrease myostatin, the molecule responsible for putting the brakes on muscle growth.  Equally important to the formula is the adaptogen ashwagandha- an all-natural herb that has been proven to boost total testosterone levels.  Acacentin is naturally-occuring, powerful aromatase inhibitor to help increase total testosterone levels.  Diindolylmthane and fenugreek extract (50%) were added to control estrogen and DHT levels, respectively.  When combined together, this formula will boost your test levels through the roof, while combating the deleterious effects of estrogen and DHT.

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test creates an ideal environment for building muscle and burning body fat. Elevated testosterone,lower estrogen,increased strength,lower cortisol and decreased myostatin all in a single product.

When it comes to hormonal products this is without doubt one of,if not the most powerful & effective product on the market today.

Available in Blue Raspberry & Tropical Breeze the flavours are delicious especially for such a powerful test booster.

If you're looking for a powerful product to help you build muscle,increase strength & burn body fat then Blackstone Labs Epi-Test would be an excellent choice.

Blackstone Labs Epi-Test


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