Abs Workout!

After a rock hard core? Well here it is, a calorie crushing burncore workout for you to try and destroy that unwanted belly fat!

20 Reps of Opposite Leg & Arm Lift

15 Reps of Side Plank Crunches

30 Reps of Ab Bikes

30 Seconds of Mountain Climbers

25 Reps of Glutebridges

30 Reps of Crunches

30 Reps of Leg Extension 

30 Reps of Burpees


We guarantee you will work up a sweat with this workout! We suggest performing 2-3 rounds of this workout.


Fat Burners

Let us iform you, for great abs and reduced belly fat, diet is key! Please understand that fat burners are not 'magic powders or pills'. They will only work alongside a dedicated training program and well balanced diet. If use fat burners correctly and consistently, you will notice results over time and they will definitely help speed up the weight loss process.

You may like to take a fat burner as a 'pre workout' supplement. This will help you burn more calories and work up a sweat for your workout. 

Our top Fat Burners are... 



L-Carnitine (also known as ALCAR) is particularly supplemented into a diet to aid in fat loss. It can also be used to to assist in cognitive function and energy production. Supplementing ALCAR into any drink (a fat burner in particular for optimum results) will assist in speeding up the fat loss process.

Hybrid Nutrition Acetyl L-Carnitine 

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)

BCAA's are great to prevent fatigue, help with endurance and assist in recovery. However, they can aid in weight loss as they contain zero calories, carbs or fat and aid in protein synthesis. 

Our top Amino Acids are...

Aminoade Aptech BCAA    

Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a convenient, delicious, easy way to get your daily protein target. Protein powders can also aid in weight loss as in choosing the right one, are low in fat carbs and calories, a great 

Spartansuppz top low fat, low carb and high Protein Powders are...



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