Best Supplements for Tennis


The Australian Open is underway once again! And amongst the trick shots and aces we've seen so far, we've also seen players drinking some interesting concoctions during play! So what the heck are they drinking? Find out here as we break down our Best Supplements for Tennis!

Tennis combines strength, power, agility and most of all endurance, having the ability to play a match for excess of 4-5 hours is a must!

If you need to stay hydrated, increase recovery and reduce soreness while playing here's our Best Supplements for Tennis list!

Best Supplements for Tennis

Best Supplements for Tennis During Training:

Ever wondered what those colourful drinks are that the pros are always drinking? It's aminos! Yes! Branch Chain Amino Acid supplements (BCAA)!

These BCAA supplements will help you recover faster, reduce mental fatigue and most importantly keep you far more hydrated than water or sports drink!

The best Intra-Workout BCAA supplement for tennis in our opinion would be Intracell7 from Primeval Labs. The reason for this is that Intracell offers a great 5g dose of BCAA's in a preferred 2:1:1 ration.

Moreover Intracell offers a good dose of Highly Cylic Branched Dextrin. This is a super rapid uptake high molecular weight carbohydrate. It acts like a vacuum in the stomach, ripping through the digestive tract, and shuttling nutrients to the muscle to fuel performance and recovery.

Best Supplements for Tennis Post Training:

After training, fast recovery is essential as often there is a very short turn around between tennis matches. 

Getting in a fast absorbing lean protein like Rule 1 WPI is essential. This form of protein is going to allow for rapid uptake and minimal digestive issues, while helping muscles recover fast.

Alongside your WPI, we recommend a rapid uptake carbohydrate product like Carboylze from Species Nutrition. Carbolyze will help quickly replenish muscle glycogen and recovery.

Best Supplements for Tennis to Reduce Injury:

Almost every tennis player at one point or another has suffered from injury, with the most common being elbow tendonitis or Tennis Elbow. Tennis Elbow is inflammation of the brachioradialis muscles in the forearm.

The best supplement to aid with a condition such as tennis elbow is Innoflex from Nutrakey. Innoflex provides efficacious dosages of proven ingredients to reduce inflammation and support join heath.

Supplementing with Innoflex you can expect to see results within 7-14 days of use.



So if your looking to take your tennis game to the next level there you have it! A high quality intra workout BCAA product not only tastes great, but will help fuel recovery fast!

Combine that with the post workout lean WPI and carbohydrate and you will be recovered in no time at all!

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