Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme Review


Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme is the updated and very popular version of the original Hype. This non-stimulant pre-workout is now even stronger and more powerful than ever before. Hype Extreme brings an all-new technology with a higher amount of concentrated ingredients so you get more improved pumps within the gym.


Glycerol Powder - HydroMax  

This is a heavily utilised pump-based ingredient, this ingredient specifically allows 's for an increase's in aiding hydration. 
This is very beneficial to performance and in particular, improving the muscle's ability to produce much thicker pumps during training, the higher the level of hydration the more the muscle will be able to become vasodilated and enlarged. 

Alpha GPC 

This nootropic compound has the main benefit of increasing the consumer's ability to focus, reducing reaction times and having an overall improved clarity in reference to training. 
This is essential, in that it allow's the consumer to achieve higher benefits from every set and rep. The higher the mind-muscle connection, the improved amount of activation within the muscle. 
Alpha GPC is also an excellent non-stimulant alternative, providing a much cleaner source of energy. 

Huperzine A 

Huperzine A is another ingredient which is used as a mental focus agent, with the benefits of improved memory & learning. This allow's for a sharp zoned in clarity after consumption, this compound specifically has been utilised in treating Alzheimer's disease, another excellent non-stimulant compound to promote increased alertness & energy. 

Rhodiola Rosea (3% Salidrosea)

Rhodiola Rosea is known as an adaptogen, as it has the ability to increase the bodies ability to adapt to external stressors in the form of physical, chemical & environmental. 
The main benefits of consuming this compound are that it provides increases in energy, endurance, strength and increased central nervous system function for the consumer. 

Blackstone Labs - Hype Extreme


Blackstone Labs in assistance with the Guerilla Chemist have put together an all-star non-stimulant pump based product, with the additions of some of the finest quality pump-based ingredients on the market and a very comprehensive nootropic energy based system. 

In reference to benefits - 

  • Increased Vasodilation 
  • Increased Nutrient Delivery & Utilisation 
  • Increased Central Nervous System Stimulation 
  • Increased Hydration 
  • Improved Mental Focus & Clarity 
  • Non-Stimulant 
  • Clean Source Of Energy 


Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme comes in 2 flavours in the form of Cotton Candy & Fruit Punch. 
Both of these flavour systems are absolutely delicious, in particular, Cotton Candy with replicating the sweet and mouthwatering flavour to the full extent.
We would definitely recommend trying both of these flavours because you surely won't be disappointed! 
The mix-ability is also great, taking into account the amount of Glycerol Powder which is within the formula. 

Value For Money 

Blackstone Labs Hype Extreme can be purchased from or any Spartans Retail Store for the retail price of $64.95, with 30 total serves per tub it comes down to $2.08/serve.
The value for money is excellent, with all the collabortaion with the Guerilla Chemist you know that the product is going to be clinically at the highest standard. 
With some amazing benefits, which are going to provide some of the juiciest pumps and most memorable training session's you've ever had. 


Blackstone Labs - Hype Extreme

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