Here are some perfectly good reasons why, to go and get your cardio on!

Cardio burns calories fast! By burning more calories than you consume during the day will aid in weight loss.

When you exercise, the body releases endorphins - feel good hormones! We can all use some more of this in our lives. Cardio will also give you a somewhat spiritual lift - you will feel fabulous afterwards. 

Did you know, by participating in 30 minutes to 2 hours of cardio per week, it will increase you life span! It can increase the lifespan of a woman by 5.6 years and 6.2 years for men.

As exercising releases feel good hormones, cardio will also increase how you feel about yourself. It will having you feeling awesome!

It has been proven that cardio improves a better quality sleep. 


You can perform cardio, anywhere, anytime! No expensive equipment is need. Just throw on some comfy gear and your all set to go.

Running strengthens the density of your bones. This makes the body stronger!

Believe it or not, cardio can make you smarter! Regular aerobic exercise may attenuate cognitive impairment and reduces risk of dementia. 

Running increases the blood flow supply throughout the body. It also lowers bad cholesterol. What an easy way to improve heart health!

Cardio releases alpha waves in your brain reducing stress levels. 


So give it a go! Cardio provides many benefits, leaves you feeling fabulous and is free. Don't you want to live longer? Well go and get your cardio on people! 



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Branch Chain Amino Acids will provide many benefits, during your cardio workout! BCAA's will help with the recovery process, weight loss & rehydration.

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Fat Burner

Is your goal fat loss? Want to burn more calories during your cardio workout?Looking or wanting to speed up your fat burning process? You may like to consider implementing a fat burner (a fat loss supplement) into your diet. 


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*If you would like to learn more about or how to choose the best fat burner for you, you may like to read one our latest articles 'Fat Burners: Choosing the Best One For You

We also advise using Acetyl Carnitine into a fat loss stack to enhance results. Carnitine is a fat metaboliser that will convert stubborn fat cells into energy production..

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General Health & Wellbeing

Cardio provides many health benefits. If you are seeking to further improve your overall health and wellbeing, here are some of our top health products...


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