Chest Hypertrophy with Dallas McCarver

Looking to make some serious gains on the bench? Maybe your tired of failing 225lb every other week? Change up your training and grow the muscle! Try out Chest Hypertrophy with Dallas McCarver and learn from the IFBB Pro how to get a chest like a pro!

Checkout the Chest Hypertrophy with Dallas McCarver Below!


Follow along with the Chest Hypertrophy with Dallas McCarver workout here:


Muscle activation & chest/deltoid mobility work.

Exercise 1:

Flat Bench Press - Focusing on retracting the shoulders to minimise input from the anterior deltoid.

4 Sets 8 Reps at a 10RM.

Exercise 2:

Incline Dumbbell Press - Focusing on 'pulling' the weight down. Once again to reduce the stress on the anterior deltoid.

3 Sets 12 Reps

Exercise 3:

Superset 1 - 

Seated Cable Fly - Try adding a foam roller behind the back to isolate the chest.

3 Sets 12 Reps

Superset 2 -

Dumbbell Fly with added resistance from a spotter

3 Sets 12 Reps

Exercise 4:

Decline barbell bench press

3 sets 10 reps.

Exercise 5:

Superset 1 - 

Cable cross

3 sets 10 reps.

Smith Machine pushup

3 sets 15 reps


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