Clean Eating


How much fruit and vegetables should we be eating per day? Are you eating enough? Here are the powerful benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption and clarification of correct portion sizing.


Eating fruit and vegetables provide many powerful health benefits…

  • Increase your vitamin intake

In particalar:

  • Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is is an essential nutrient and powerful antioxidant needed by the body. If interested to learn more of its benefits, feel free to read our previous article 'Vitamin C'

Vitamin C
If wishing to supplement Vitamin C, we do stock 'Now Foods Vitamin C'
Vitamin C Now Foods
  • Beta Carotene (which the body converts into Vitamin A)
  • Folic Acid (A B vitamin crucial for heart health and for woman planning on conceiving)
  • Potassium (important for healthy blood pressure)

Feel free to read our previous blog post on 'Potassium' to learn more of its benefits...

    • Increases anti oxidants which protect our bodies and cells from free radical damage
    • Provides many phytochemicals (also known as 'plant chemicals' - the pigments responsible for giving fruit and vegetables their vibrant colours) which supply many powerful health benefits such as reducing the risk of chronic diseases, heart issues and cancer and other free radicals which damage our bodies cells.
    • Boosts your fibre intake, aids in digestion and reduces your risk of clogged arteries
    • Can help you maintain your figure and weight as the fibre and water from your fruit consumption will help you feel full 

    2 & 5

    Like anything else, everything needs to be eaten in moderation.

    To ensure you are getting an adequate amount of fruit and vegetables in your diet, nutritional guideline recommend 'Go for 2 & 5', that is 2 fruit and 5 vegetables a day.

    You can visit,

    Go for 2 & 5


    for further information, tips and recipes on how to fulfil your daily needs of 2 & 5. 

    Portion Control

    If you are unsure of how much a serving is, here are some examples…

    A recommended’ portion of fruit or vegetable is about 80 grams. This is approximately equal too…


    1/2 a Large Grapefruit


     2 Kiwi Fruit


    8 Strawberries


    1 Medium Banana




    1 Large Carrot


    3 Celery Sticks


    8 Florets of Broccoli 



    1 Medium Tomato




    We understand that eating food fresh is not always possible. Furthermore, due to the fast paced world we live in, we often go for convenience as apposed to having time to prepare food ourselves. There has been research stating that frozen vegetables for example are still if not equal in nutritional value of vegetables in its fresh form, however, if possible fresh is always best!


    Not only is consumption of fruit and vegetables good for overall health and wellbeing but also, protects us against a number of diseases and helps maintain a healthy weight. Try aim for 2 & 5 a day and be aware of your portion sizing. Healthy days ahead!

    Clean Eating


    Of course we highly advised you to consume whole fruit and vegetables, however if you are looking to add some extra 'greens' into your diet, we suggest adding the greens formula by 'Blackstone Labs', 'Juiced Up'. It is a mixed blend of fruit and vegetables.

    Greens are a supplement which you may not notice direct benefits or performance. However, it will boost general health, wellbeing and help you function better.

    Blackstone Labs Juiced Up


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