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It can prove to be challenging  to stay on track while travelling on the road. You are more than likely to pass many vendor machines, fast food take out restaurants, buffets etc., all at which typically come with many unwanted calories. 

When you are at home, it obviously is much easier to manage your meals and keep your diet on track. However, while travelling, along with a busy schedule and unfamiliar territory  there will be times you need to make do with what is available.

Here are some great tips to to try help you keep on track while out on the road...

Sharing is Caring

It is most likely you are travelling in a group. If this is the case - take advantage! Share the dishes you order and share the calories!

It is a great idea to order a large salad or vegetables as your base and share a main meal amongst the group. This way you ensure you are balancing out your meal both in calories and nutrition.  

Portion control always seems to be a big issue that is not always taken into account. It is often a case when ordering take out, that portion sizes are much larger. To manage this issue we suggest using your plate as a guide. A balanced meal should contain...

  • 1/2 a plate of salad or vegetables (ensure they are non starchy vegetables)
  • 1/4 plate of protein
  • 1/4 plate of carbs
  • A teaspoon of fat

However, if you are single traveller (and have the will power), you could save half of your meal for later on. That also depends if you have a place to store it and ensure it stays fresh. 


When it comes to nutrition, we all know a healthier alternative when offered one. Don't be afraid to ask restaurants if they have items that may not always be listed on the menu.

Introduce healthy swaps to make your meal more of nutritional value. 

For example, if ordering protein, ensure you ask for it to be cooked either steamed, grilled or baked (rather than crumbed or fried).

Another suggestion is to order anything green from the menu. It is most likely to be a healthy option e.g. salad, steamed vegetables.

Fruit & Vegetables

If you are travelling and staying at hotels or motels, there are most likely free fruit opportunities e.g. a fruit bowl at the front desk, fruit from the breakfast buffets. If where you staying does so, take a couple pieces of fruit for later and use as snacks.

When it comes to vegetables, order as much as you can, whenever you can! For example, if you order scrambled eggs for breakfast, ask for the chef to add in some mushrooms or spinach.

Lastly, we also suggest to ditch the fries! Fries is the most common, very available food item at all take outs. Swap the fries for a side of veggies or salads.

Sideline the Sauce

This might sound cliche, but it can be such a downfall to any meal.

Majority of sauces are filled with sugar, fat, carbs, sodium and CALORIES.

If you order anything with a sauce or dressing, request that it be put on the side. At least when you are doing yourself, you can monitor how much you are consuming.


Yes, another cliche fact. However it is true! You must stay hydrated.. ALL THE TIME. Water plays such an extensive role in all bodily bodily functions and it keep us healthy.

If it very easy to forget to drink and fail to keep hydrated while travelling. 

Sometimes when we feel 'hungry' it could be the body mistaking it for you are actually thirsty. When hunger first strikes, have a drink, wait and then see how you feel. 

And for the win, water is a cheap, calorie free option to many other drink alternatives.

Water can be found just about anywhere. Ensure you have a bottle available at all times. You can fill up at restaurants, rest rooms, hotels... just about anywhere!


While travelling we understand it can be struggle to eat healthy majority of the time. However, you can make healthier choices and try to ensure you are eating as best as you can. While travelling, we also do understand it is a time to relax and enjoy yourself. There are time you will splurge... we are human afterall. However, just ensure you understand, consume everything in moderation, it is the key to success. Good luck! 



Taking a Protein Powder with you during your travels is a great idea! Not only is it a quick, convenient source of food, but it requires no refrigeration! Put a scoop in a shaker, add some water and your all set.

Some of our top Protein Powders are...

Protein Snacks

You may like to try some of our protein snacks. They are packaged and small (making them easy carry), and not to mention, delicious. They are also a much healthier alternative to many other snacks available.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

Like protein, BCAA's are a great travelling compainion that require no refrigeration. Drinking BCAA's will ensure you keep hydrated, only need to be mixed with water, will help with recovery (as you are most likely walking around and performing many activities while travelling), will provide some energy and provide many health benefits.

We stock a variety of BCAA's at Spartansuppz.

Our top BCAA's are...

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