How Much Protein Do I Need?



Without doubt, the most common question new gym goers and fitness fanatics want to know is how much protein do I need?

And with that common question, comes a lot of common answers, and a massive amount of conflict. 

If Jay Cutler ate 400g of protein per day, does that mean that's how much I need to get big? 

If you've ever wondered How Much Protein Do I Need? The team from Spartansuppz is here to set the record straight and give you some upfront honest answers.

So, How Much Protein Do I Need?

In the world of pro bodybuilders and protein shakes it can be difficult to get a straight answer to how much protein you need.

The answer for protein intake is very individualised. As protein or specifically the amino acids which form protein are essential for the repair and growth of muscle tissue.

So with that being said its obvious that someone with significantly more muscle tissue than normal will require more protein per day. 

This gives us the general guide line that for most males are going to require more protein than our female counterparts. 

Other contributing factors for protein requirements are also the level of activity you partake in. So a male who is physically active and doing regular resistance training is going to need more than his sedentary counterpart.

Protein Requirements

So here's a rough breakdown of how much protein per day you should be getting!

Physically Active Male, looking to gain muscle mass:
1.5 - 2.5g Protein per kg of bodyweight. 

Physically Active Female, looking to gain muscle mass:

1 - 1.5g Protein per kg of bodyweight

Sedentary Male:

0.8 - 1g protein per kg of bodyweight. 

Sedentary Female:

0.8 - 1g Protein per kg of bodyweight.


From the above numbers we can see that an individuals protein intake doesn't need to be any drastic amount! 

For example, an 80kg male who trains frequently is recommended to hit between 120-200g of protein per day. That's well short of the old school 400g of protein daily you may have seen in the old school bodybuilding magazines!

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We hope you enjoyed our article on How Much Protein Do I Need? 

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