Nutrition is far more responsible for creating your shape and your health than you could ever imagine. Until you get your nutrition right, nothing is going to change. We can not stress enough how nutrition is the key to success in working towards your goal!

The following key macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals that should be consumed in your diet!


Plays a vital part of a healthy diet! Fibre is an indigestible (meaning it is difficult or impossible for the body to digest) carbohydrate which keeps our digestive system healthy. It comes from a variety of plant foods such as beans, fruits, grains, legumes, and vegetables.

Fibre provides many health benefits and involved in the process of many bodily functions. It is responsible for...

  • Bodily digestion
  • Regular bowel movements
  • Can make you feel fuller for longer
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar levels
  • Prevents diseases e.g. diabetes, heart disease, and bowel cancer.

The best fibre rich foods to consume are fruit, vegetables, and grains. Ensuring your diet includes fibre will help reduce insulin spikes, improve your digestive system, improve your overall health, potentially reduce the risk of heart and bowel problems later in life.

If you are after some extra fibre in your diet you might like to try Redcon1 GI Juice, this particular product is full of essential fruit and vegetable extracts to provide your body with essential nutrients. 

Nutrition 101

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Protein is a  crucial building block for all bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. This emphasis's importance as a staple supplement/macronutrient to be consuming daily!

The body utilises protein to build and repair muscle tissue. It also promotes the production of enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. 

Protein also provides many benefits such as...

  • Improves mood
  • Fills you up
  • Manages blood sugar levels
  • Improves muscle mass 
  • Maintains strong bones
  • Promotes heart health.... and much more! 

Protein is found in a variety of food sources both meat and plant-based! At Spartansuppz offer a wide variety of Protein Powders to suit your needs!
They are a delicious, convenient and easy intake of some extra protein in your diet. 

Rule 1 - R1 Protein 
Redcon1 - Isotope 
Ghost Lifestyle - Ghost Whey

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Nutrition 101


Let us clear things up.... fat, does not make you fat! Many make the common misconception that ‘fats’ are bad for you', 'fats make you fat' or 'fats clog up our arteries'.

Yes, it is true that too that the ‘wrong’ kinds of fats can contribute to these factors, however, eating ‘healthy fats’ provide many benefits and are essential for health.

This is why we need fat in our diet...

  • Without consuming healthy fats, many vitamins such as A, D, E & K will not be absorbed, which are only found in fat-containing food.
  • A large amount of fat makes up our bodies - 25-35% of the body of a female & 15-25% of males - fat is needed for our bodies to function and a source of energy.
  • A large portion of our brain and cell membranes are composed of healthy fats. Therefore, we need fats for our cognitive functions.
  • Fat is needed to protect our internal organs, construct tissue lining and generate hormones.
  • Fats are needed and are essential for healthy liver and bile function 
  • Fats help the inflammatory healing process 
  • Fats lubricate the digestive system and help remove toxins from the body

Some healthy fat supplements we offer at Spartansuppz are Fish Oils.

Fish oils are very high in Omega 3 Fatty acids which is an essential fat that can not be made by the body.

Fish oils will assist with hormone functioning,  brain functioning, metabolic rate support and provide anti-inflammatory support. 

Taking a fish oil will have a positive effect on fat loss, joint health, and lowing cholesterol. 

It is a great supplement for general health and well being and recommended everyone to take it.

Fish Oil Supplements which we would recommend are - 

Optimum Nutrition - Fish Oil 
Herbs Of Gold - Fish Oil 1700

Nutrition 101

You may also be interested in Redcon1 Foxtrot which is a clinically dosed joint health supplement.  

It combines everything you need to keep your joints, bones and connective tissue healthy. 



Most importantly, carbs are an essential source of fuel for the body. They also help with your immune system, fertilization, preventing pathogens, blood clotting and help with development - make you grow (a great macro to include for muscle building/bulking). 

When people think of carbs, it is an automatic response to think of bread, pasta, cereal etc However carbs are also found in many other food sources such as fruit, dairy, legumes, and many sweets! 

If you are after some extra carbs in your diet in a convenient source, you may be interested in some of our top product that contains extra carbs for endurance, sustained energy and recovery...

Top Selling Carbohydrate sources are - 

International Protein - Extreme Carbs 
Redcon1 - Clusterbomb 
Scitec Nutrition - Vitargo

Nutrition 101

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Quite simply, good nutrition equals good results. Remember consistency is key. Also, keep in mind, everybody is unique. What works for you, won't always work for someone else. Each person will also have different physical demands. The process is all trial and error and learning what works best for you. Ensure you always eat enough and never deprive yourself. 

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