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Platinum Labs Amino Grow Review

Every once in a while there is a supplement that comes along and changes things forever-this is one of those.


Amino Grow is not your typical intra-workout supplement with just a few BCAA’s and nothing else.


The Formula

Platinum Labs have gone to town with this product and like always haven’t failed to impress. These boys don’t mess about when it comes to making a good product and this was no exception.

They have gone with  proven 2:1:1 ratio of BCAA’s which we love-proven,effective and not to be messed with. In addition to this you will see the addition of l-lysine,threonine and methionine which are all essential for building lean muscle tissue, l-taurine which is excellent for both cell hydration and mental focus. Other standout in this formula is l-alanine-although not an essential amino acid this plays a crucial role in metabolising other amino acids so is a very welcome addition.

That covers the ‘basics’-now let’s get into the stuff that makes this product really innovative and market changing.

Platinum Labs have added a rather comprehensive vitamin blend to this product. When we train we are not only breaking down our muscles but also depleting out immune system. The addition of this complex will mean you will restore you immune system at the same time you rebuild your muscles with excellent delivery as a result of the increased blood flow from training.



Fantastic addition and something that many other companies either overlooked or didn’t care to spend the extra dollars on to add to their intra-workout product.

AminoGrow Focus and GH Boosting Blend

This is where this product really comes into its own-let’s break down what’s in it:

Tryptophan-in addition to being an essential amino acid this has also been shown to be a mild mood enhancer which will mean you feel good while you train for more effective workouts.

Theobromine-this works similarly to caffeine but with a milder effect but is quite effective at increasing mental focus and cellular function. Very good addition and will provide a similar focus to that of Defcon 1 but on a smaller scale.

Picamilon-In addition to being a mild mood enhancer picamilon has also been shown to increase memory function,improve sleep and increase growth hormone secretion in the body. Growth hormone is like the holy grail when it comes to improving health and appearance with benefits for building muscle,losing body fat,better skin health,better brain/memory function and anti-ageing just to name a few.

The beauty of growth hormone is that is works on all tissues-not just muscle like testosterone so will also assist in healing aching joints and nagging injuries.

This is what truly sets this product apart from the crowd.


Benefits of AminoGrow

-Increased lean muscle growth and repair

-Improved fat loss

-Better skin health

-Joint healing and repair


-Increasing brain/memory function


Our thoughts on the product

Platinum Labs have done it again with this one. They have taken the proven and effective basics in terms of amino acids that work, added what was missing to ensure optimal utilisation,added a vitamin complex to boost your immune system/general health and packed with the most effective focus/recovery complex of any intra-workout supplement to date.

Typically amino acids aren’t really something you ‘feel’ working-you take them because you know it’s doing you good. Not the case with AminoGrow. You really feel noticeable  better recovery from workouts and I personally noticed better nervous system refreshment aswell.

Flavours are,like everything from Platinum, damn fine and hard to bash. I’m not a real citrus fan but the orange is delightful and refreshing.

When you take into account everything you get in a tub of this product-it’s a steal. Far and away the most comprehensive workout supplement on the market to date.

Whatever your training goal is-this would be a very welcome addition to your regimen to achieve it.

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