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Primeval Labs Xanix Review

Primeval Labs Xanix Review

Primeval Labs Xanix Review

Primeval Labs Xanix review is a relaxant and sleep aid supplement.

This is a little different from other sleep aid supplements on the market as it doesn't work to knock you out, but actually prime your body for better quality sleep.

This is quite a unique approach to getting better sleep and recover but also means you can take Xanix most nights of the week without issue which is not an option with typical sleep aid products.

Primeval Labs

The Formula

Xanix, like all products in the Primeval Labs range uses a completely transparent nutritional panel which makes it much easier break down this product for a review.

The first ingredient in Primeval Labs Xanix is taurine. This is an amino acid which is very commonly used in sports performance as it has a wide range of benefits.

Aside from promoting muscular endurance and cel hydration taurine is excellent for reducing anxiety. It works to reduce those running thoughts in your mind so you can get into a more ready state to sleep. Taurine causes an increase in GABA which has a strong calming effect on the nervous system. Dosages range 1000-3000mg and a full 3000mg dose in Xanix you will be getting maximum effect.

L-tyrosine is the next ingredient in this sleep aid with a full 2000mg dose. This works to reduce anxiety and enhance mood. Tyrosine is typically used for mental focus and is common in pre-workouts as well but the purpose here is for the dopamine boosting properties. 

 Primeval Labs Xanix Supplement Facts

Humanofort has also been utilised in this formula. This is a embryonic peptide matrix derived from chicken eggs which has a whole host of recovery boosting benefits.

It's primary benefit in Xanix is the ability to reduce cortisol/anxiety associated with high stimulant intake.

Humanofort has also been noted to have benefits on free testosterone and androstendione which are both very powerful anabolic hormones.

L-threonine blocks the absorption of toxins from foods by lining the intestines.

Although you might think this has little relation to sleep is has is beneficial during times of sleep deprivation and helps to reduce anxiety levels.

5-HTP is a real standout in this product for its concentrated ability to raise serotonin  (happiness) levels,reduce anxiety and depression. This is also a precursor to melatonin which regulates sleep/wake cycles. Being a precursor it also allows the body to self regulate to avoid reliance on the compound.

Flavours & Taste

Xanix comes in a single flavour at present, watermelon. This mixes well and the flavour s very good.I would call this a natural watermelon flavour and it is certainly one of the better tasting sleep aid products on the market.

Primeval Labs


 Xanix is a well put together,very well dosed sleep aid and anxiety supplement. If you're pushing it hard in the gym/use higher amounts of caffeine and struggle getting to sleep this would be a great option to help increase the quality of your sleep.

 The 3 micro-scoop/serve dosing means you could can really vary your dosing based on the day with anything from 1 scoop for relaxation to 3 scoops for the most powerful sleep-enhancing effects.

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