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Not losing weight? Find that you have hit a plateau?  

However, you know you are not eating too much, in fact your not eating much at all!

So what could be the problem?

Experiencing a weight plateau when trying to lose weight is a very common happening. If your weight is wont budge, it could potentially mean, you are not consuming enough....

Protein Synthesis

When you consume protein, a fundamental biological process called 'protein synthesis' takes place. During this process individual cells build their specific proteins.

So, by consuming protein, your body triggers the production of protein synthesis.

During protein synthesis, the body triggers three main factors that help contribute to weight loss...

1) Fat Loss

2) Muscle Growth

3) Caloric Burn

This process alone, burns on average 600 calories a day! 

To emphasise that 600 calories is a hell of a lot for just consuming adequate protein, here are some comparisons of what type of exercise you would have to do, in order to burn 600 calories...

  • A competitive non-stop game of basketball
  • Rowing for an hour 
  • An intense 1 hr aerobics class
  • Running 8km
... just to name a few. Wow!


Diet is key to success. Learning how to correctly track you macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) could fix your weight loss plateau. We can't stress enough how a well balanced, nutritious diet, combined with a dedicated workout program will leave you with amazing results! 


So please ensure you are getting adequate protein intake. This will help keep your body healthy and functioning along with keeping a great figure.

To know how much protein you should be consuming, and keep track of other macros, we suggest you check out a previous blog we posted...


We also highly advise using a tool such as, 'Myfitnesspal' to help guide and keep track of your macros. You can enter your protein goal and ensure you are consuming enough per day. You want to ensure your activating your body to create protein synthesis! 


Best of luck and go get your protein on!



Protein is most beneficially taken post workout. If protein is taken post workout, it will effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis - the process that helps promote the muscle repair and growth.

Otherwise, protein is a very versitile supplement. It can be taken with meals, between meals, bed bed and upon wakening - its up to you! Consuming protein powder is a great and very easy way to get a high dosage in one hit.

We stock a variety of 'Protein Powders'.

The top protein powders we currently stock are...




Branch Chain Amino Acids provides many benefits, particularly during a workout! BCAA's will help with the recovery process by signalling protein synthesis for rapid muscle recovery, weight loss & repair.

Our top BCAA's are...

Aminoade  Aptech BCAA

Fat Burner

Looking or wanting to speed up your fat burning process? You may like to consider implementing a fat burner (a fat loss supplement) into your diet. 

Fat burners are thermogenics. They will help to assist the body to boost metabolism, decrease appetite, increase and support energy levels and promote the reduction of water weight within the body. 

We ask you to keep in mind the common misconception, and it cannot be stressed enough, that a fat burner is not a magic pill. It is purely a supplement along side a very dedicated training program and a well balanced diet that will help and should ensure to show results.

Our top fat burners we currently have in stock are...

Oxyshred  Trojan Horse Blackstone Labs  acv8 shred 

*If you would like to learn more about or how to choose the best fat burner for you, you may like to read one our latest articles 'Fat Burners: Choosing the Best One For You

We also advise using Acetyl Carnitine into a fat loss stack to enhance results. Carnitine is a fat metaboliser that will convert stubborn fat cells into energy production..

ALCAR   EHP Carnitine

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