Rear Delt Raise

How to Rear Delt Raise: Top 5 Tips

how to rear delt raise 

Looking for an accessory movement to add in to your training to increase the strength of your shoulders or to isolate the Posterior side of the Deltoid muscle group? Then try out the Rear Delt Raise Exercise.

Purpose of the movement:

The Rear Delt Raise as the name suggests is used to isolate the muscles of the rear deltoid. The front of the body gets a fair workload in most programs and often the back/ shoulders can get neglected, this a perfect exercise to start working on those weaknesses and it will also help to improve your posture.

Muscles involved:rear delt raise muscles

The primary muscle involved for this movement: 

  • Deltoid 


    Equipment needed:

    To perform the Rear Delt Raise exercise the equipment you will need:

    • Dumbbells

    Step by Step guide:

    Follow our step by step guide to master the Rear Delt Raise:

    1. Start with the dumbbells just by your side 
    2. Hinging at your hips - in a similar position to that of an RDL
    3. The dumbbells should now be underneath your chest at mid thigh height, palms facing each other, with a slight bent in your elbows
    4. Pulling from the shoulders, lift your arms out to the side, until they reach the point of parallel to the floor.
    5. Control the weight back down to the start position

    how to rear delt raise

    Top 5 Tips:

    1. Maintain big chest throughout the movement
    2. Don't sway through the torso, remain nice and still
    3. Hinge at the hips and remain in this strong position throughout
    4. Lift up until arms are parallel to floor
    5. Don't go too heavy - we want to isolate the deltoids 



    Add in the Rear Delt Raise to your Shoulder training next time you're at the gym! The perfect addition to get some extra size and strength through your shoulders. 



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