Measuring Sleep

It is said that the day should be broken up into a healthy and balanced 3 components... rest, play and work. This is suggesting that we should be getting a healthy 8 hours of sleep per day.

Let's face it, we live in a very fast paced world, so realistically for most people, 8 hours of sleep is almost impossible. Work, having a family, stress, commitments, training etc are only some of the contributing factors as to why most people can not fit in a healthy 8 hours of sleep.

It is also a thing to keep in mind that although 8 hours is a 'healthy' recommended amount of sleep, everyone's body has different requirements or needs. Some may require, or actually thrive better, off more or less sleep than others.


The quality of your sleep can be measured in the questionnaire below.

We would like you to the use a score of 1 to 4...  

1 Not at all
3 Fairly Regularly 
4 All the Time


for the following questions... 

Once completed the questionnaire, add up your total from the questions marked. If you score less than 4, that is an indication you experience poor quality sleep and must take action to access the situation.


Place your answer between 1 and 4 in the gold circles...

1. I have difficulty falling asleep within 15 minutes  Circle
2. I wake up in the middle of the night or early morning
3. I constantly feel too hot or too cold in bed
4. I wake up too early and can't fall back asleep
5. I regularly have bad dreams
6. Upon waking, I feel tired and do not feel refreshed


Total Score:

Interpreting Your Score

6 to 9 Points
Good-Quality Sleep
10 to 12 Points
Moderately Good Quality Sleep
13 to 18 Points
Moderately Poor Quality Sleep
19 to 24 Points
Very Poor-Quality Sleep


Now you are aware of you sleep quality.  

As mentioned, if you score below 4, we highly suggest you seek help and expert advice to improve your sleep. 

Sleep is a crucial component to a healthy, functioning body and lifestyle. 

For more information on sleep, feel free to read some of our previous posted articles...

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If you are not falling asleep naturally or as quick as your would like too, you may want to consider some supplementation. If systems still persist and seem severe we suggest to seek professional advice and/or treatment. If you wish to learn further about sleep and supplementation you may like to read another one of our recent blog posts 'Sleep Aids'.

Remember, sleep is such an important component for your mental as well as crucial for your physical health. 

Some supplements we sell and have in stock to assist you are... 

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