Sugar Addict

Sugar Addict


Are you a... Sugar Addict? 

Have a sweet tooth? Crave sugar constantly? Do you possibly think you are a sugar addict or consuming too much? Could this be the reason you are back tracking in progress, putting on unnecessary weight or feeling irritable? Maybe its time to come to the realisation that you may be overloading on sugar consumption.  

We must admit, we don't blame you... sugar is delicious... however, everything needs to be eaten in moderation. If sugar is overeaten, it could lead to many unwanted health effects and issues. The following article may explain why you are experiencing behavioural issues or noticing unwanted physical changes... 


Not only is sugar highly addictive, but it causes and creates many health concerns. Also, as sugar contains no nutritional value, it will not have you feeling full, thus it is easy to consume large amounts. Eating large amounts can cause...

  • Obesity
  • Your teeth to rot, decays, fillings etc
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Cancer


The following are some signs you may be addicted to sugar...

Constant Cravings

When you consume sugar, the body creates a hormone response that is like a wave. When eating sugar you feel an up... then you will come crashing down. This response is what triggers your body to crave more sugar. Quite simply, the more sugar you eat, the more you will crave and more spike waves that will occur.

Constantly Tired or Sluggish?

As we just mentioned, the more sugar you eat, the more frequent insulin spikes you will get. When you are on your coming down wave phase, you will feel like you are 'crashing' which can leave you feeling quite tired. 

Cheer Up Charlie

Are you experiencing or having more mood swings than usual? This is once again blamed and may be due to you experiencing the crashing wave phase. When your blood sugar levels drop, it is inevitable that you may feel more grouchy contributing to your bad attitude.

Unwanted Weight Gain

As much as we wish it did, sugar contains no beneficial nutritional value, no protein, no fibre... nothing whatsoever. Unfortunately, sugar just equals extra calories. As mentioned, by eating sugar your body will create insulin spikes. Insulin is a hormone which helps deliver sugar to organs within our body which can be used for energy. If you are consuming too much sugar, the body will create more insulin. Creating more insulin is not a good thing as over time excessive output will create insulin resistance. This means your body will be unable to respond to the excessive amounts of insulin (supply being greater than demand) which will contribute to weight gain.

Another frightening factor also, is that the pancreas creates insulin. When the pancreas is overworked, you are at higher risk of developing diabetes.

Brain Junk

When you experience your crashing phase you will be experiencing low blood sugar levels. This may interfere with cognitive functions which is a contributing possible risk for future cognitive issues and impairment.

Let's Fight Off the Sugar Addiction

The following are some suggestions which could help you prevent reaching for that sugar hit...

Eat Fruit

Fruit is sweet which may satisfy your cravings and a healthier option. Yes, fruit contains sugars such as fructose, however they are metabolised differently within the body unlike when you eat sweets. Like anything else, fruit must be eaten in moderation. The healthy recommend portion of fruit is 2 pieces a day.


Sugar Free Sweeteners

Although you may think its healthier to sub real sugar for stevia or have a diet coke instead of a real coke.. having these 'fake' sweeteners can actually have the reverse affect having you actually crave more sugar. So we ask you to be careful and aware of this factor. 

Artificial Sweetners

Remove Temptation

Wherever you spend most of your time, and where you can control it, we advise removing all temptations. Whether it be from your cupboards, work desk, car... when there are no temptations, it will reduce the likelihood of you cheating. 


Depending on what food you are craving, it could be a sign your body is in low in a mineral, hormone or vitamin. If you are craving sweets, chocolate in particular, you could be deficient in magnesium. It might be advisable to get this checked out professionally by a doctor.

Healthy Fats

Eat more healthy fats! We are talking salmon, avocados, nut butters, olive oil to name a few. These fats will have you feeling fuller for longer as well as balance and control blood sugar levels. By eating more fats you will be less likely to have 'wave' effects, up and downs in insulin spikes.

Healthy Fats

Avoid Packaged Foods

Packages foods are often loaded in sugars, artificial sweeteners and preservatives. Lowing the amount of packaged foods you consuming and switching to fresh wholesome foods will definitely lower your sugar intake.  

Packaged Foods


We hope we have raised awareness of what an overload in sugar consumption can do. Or maybe we have helped you determine why you may be behaving or feeling certain ways.

Completely cutting out sugar out of your diet, going cold turkey, is not as easy as you think. However, you can try and lower your consumption (possibly with some ways we have suggested) or gradually lower your doses. This may have you feeling better, more energised and healthier. Good luck!


Protein Bars

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Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are a great healthier snack alternative that can fix that sugar craving as they come in some delicious flavours and are quite sweet, with little or no sugar. Some of the best selling and tasting proteins we have available are...

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Casein Protein

Casein is a slower digesting protein than others. It is also a lot thicker than other proteins. Casein is known to be regularly made into 'cheat clean' treats such as puddings, cakes, protein fluff etc 

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If you are a regular soft drink, sport drink or cordial consumer, you may like to try swapping to a BCAA. BCAA contain no sugar, can aid in fat loss, keep you in a anabolic state and help with muscle recovery. Our best BCAA sellers are...

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