What is AMPI-Berry?


AMPI-Berry is one of the newest stimulant compounds to hit the Supplement Industry, and it is making a massive splash. 
With this product having a number of positive influences on performance and overall health. 
When you consume this new power-house ingredient it will allow for a number of the ingredients within the blend to have an increased capacity. 

This could be in the form of increased smooth clean energy, mental focus, weight loss and a much more impressive gradual transition to you're normal self. 

How To Maximise Benefit of AMPI-Berry 

The best time to consume AMPI-Berry is in a pre-mixture supplement which has a highly effective clinically dosed formula, this will allow the AMPI-Berry to maximize the effect of these already highly beneficial ingredients. 

We would recommend consuming a performance-boosting supplement 15-30 minutes prior to you're working out for maximal benefits.  

We would also recommend consuming a large amount of water pre, during and post you're working out to allow for a larger capacity to utilize the nutrients and delivery to the muscle. 

Supplements which contain AMPI-Berry  

Where can I buy AMPI-Berry Supplements?

Our favourite pre-workout containing AMPI-Berry is without doubt Total War from Redcon1, this is Australias #1 ranked pre-workout, and it contains a BIG dose of AMPI-Berry. You can buy it directly by clicking below:


What are the benefits of taking AMPiBerry?

  • Smooth Energy Production
  • Increased Capacity For Fat Loss
  • Smooth Mental Focus Agent
  • Increased Performance of Stimulants


All in all, AMPI-Berry is definitely a staple ingredient you want to be consumed pre or post-workout. 
This is a very intelligent product which is going to allow the consumer to have a distinct advantage over its consumers.

Whether it be related to -

Mental Focus 
Increased capacity to focus more during training and make the most of every set and every workout, through smarter training and a high ability to generate mind-muscle connection and therefore better ability to activate more muscle fiber's within the muscle. 

Increased Fat loss 
When you consume a fat-burning product such as 

Redcon1 - Double Tap the inclusion of AMP-Berry within the formula will allow for the fat-burning properties within the product to be enhanced in particular Acetyl L-Carnitine. This allows 's for the body to be able to burn more fat during you're working out or even throughout the day.

Increased Performance Of Stimulants 
One of AMPI-Berry's most profound benefits is that it has the ability to increase the effects of stimulant and non-stimulant properties within the consumed supplement. This allows for a much smoother build-up and delivery, with a more euphoric feeling to get you into the gym and killing every session. 

Want more variety?

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