Red Dragon Nutritionals - Coming Soon copy

We are excited to announce that the entire range of supplements from Red Dragon Nutritionals is on its way to Spartansuppz!

You guys have constantly requested this exciting line of supplements for some time and we have finally caved to the demand and the range will be rolling into Spartansuppz mid October 2019.

Red Dragon Nutritionals - Coming Soon copy

Red Dragon Nutritionals is an Australian Made & Owned company who have sprung to fame recently with their quality formulations and amazing taste.

Their range currently is made up of the pre-workout supplement Dragons Breath & the fat burning supplement Fireball.

These products are suitable for people who are just starting out using supplements right through to the most experienced of users.

Red Dragon Nutritionals provide fully transparent labels on every supplement they manufacture. This means you can see exactly what ingredients they use & how much of each ingredient is used. For the supplement lovers out there who love looking over formulations, be sure to check out their range - the formulas are quite impressive.

Their flagship product is the pre-workout Dragons Breath. This product sprung to popularity midway through 2019 and the demand is as strong as ever. 

This product has it all and is loaded to the brim with ingredients to:

  • Boost Energy
  • Deliver Skin Splitting Pumps
  • Elevate Focus
  • Increase Endurance
Red Dragon Nutritionals - Coming Soon copy

In October 2019 they are launching Fireball - their fat burning powerhouse supplement and Spartansuppz will be one of the first in the country to have stock. This formula is sure to impress even the fussiest of users with the addition of  quality proven ingredients alongside unrivalled taste and flavours.

If you love to support local Australian brands, then be sure to jump on and support the crew at Red Dragon Nutritionals. With a ton of projects going on in the background, these guys are not going anywhere and this is just the beginning.

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