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Have you hit a brick wall in your weight loss efforts? Or maybe you just don't know where to start! Follow along our simplified guide below and learn some simple steps you can utilise starting from today to help kickstart your weight loss.

How would you describe your dieting methods? Maybe you're a yo-yo dieter? Low-Carber or something in between? Either way, if you find your diet hard to stick to don't stress as you're not alone!

So much so in fact, that losing weight is the #1 new years resolution each and every year! And an astonishing 80% of these people fail their goal before the end of January...

So, what plans can you put in place to stick to your weight loss goals? Follow along our full article for helpful tips and expert advice that will last!


Start Moving!

Any movement is good movement when it comes to losing weight.

One of the main reasons people fail their weight loss plan, is that they make it too unattainable! They plan to go for a run 5 times a week, but as soon as work gets busy, or life gets stressful, they fall behind, feel overwhelmed and give up!

So what can be done about this? Well, let's start by not setting yourself up for failure. Plan to do 3-4 bouts of exercise a week, but give yourself flexibility to complete them on whichever day you please!


Try Body Weight Exercises

Most gym goes rely on weights alone to keep them fit and sculpted. However, some people forget or don't realise your own body weight can do the exact same thing - this may even have you more fit and more strong! Body weight exercises such as push ups, sit ups and dips are not only relatively easy to master, but they can burn some serious calories and achieve some great muscle tone.

Mix It Up

Sometimes, changing up your routine is just what you need to see further results or something to try if you are trying to lose weight. 

Don’t expect your body to change or improve if you continue to have the same workout, same weights, same calorie intake over a period of time. Things need to be changed up in variation with progress and results. If you looking to remain lean all year things need to be trained. 


Prep You Meals  

We stand by the cliché saying - 'Fail to plan, Prepare to Fail'. It really is common sense, if you are not eating consistently, enough food, have your macronutrients balanced or healthy enough, your body will hardly show results that you may be after. Nutrition is key to lean body. You can exercise as much as you like, but if you diet overcompensates in not eating well, results will be minimal, if not, not there at all. It is said that nutrition plays a 70-80% role and exercise plays a 20-30% role in overall weight loss and keeping a sculpted, lean body. Abs are made in the kitchen, get to prepping!

Don't Forget Cheat Meals!

What the fitfam like to do, to keep one motivated and sane, is to have a cheat meal every now and then. This is a rewarding, exciting experience and contributes to balance to what normally is a stricter lifestyle. A cheat meal involves an indulgence of food which is not in the routine or plan of the athlete. The meal is often high in carbs, sugar and overall deliciousness.

However, this part is where a majority of people fail... by eating too much, rewarding yourself too regularly or not incorporating it smartly into your plan. Keep in mind, do not take a cheat meal just because you have planned to have it say, every Saturday night. Feel as though you have really earned it! For those who mentally find it challenging to ‘treat themselves’ remember bodybuilding should be lived in a healthy mindset, enjoy it rather than endure it.

You may aim to include your cheat meal after a specific workout. This is because after an intense workout your muscles are ultra receptive to nutrients. This means the food you consume afterwards, even if it is 'naughty' will be digested faster and your body will experience insulin spikes. This will help your glycogen stores in the muscles replenish faster. For example, generally, protein is a macronutrient quite a difficult compound for the body to break down. However, after a workout, it is much more readily and easier absorbed by broken down muscle fibres.

A good idea could be to consume one on a  high cardio day where you have burnt more calories. Another suggestion is to include a cheat meal after you have trained a larger muscle group. A popular muscle group is to train legs, then get a refeed meal afterwards.

When calculated right this calorie surplus meal can also bring great advantage to growth and muscle gain. It may also when done correctly, increase metabolism and reefed the muscles. 

Protein Is Key! 

Protein is a staple for any supplement stack and for maintaining a lean, amazing physique. It's advisable you know your recommended protein consumption. It is suggested you consume 1 gram of protein per gram or body mass. To consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. When cutting you may want to increase it to 1.5-2g. You could use apps such a 'Myfitnesspal' to keep track, ensure you are consuming the right amount or enough protein.

Use Your Time Wisely 

Often, when people are trying to lose weight, it is done in a rushed process. People aim to do a 12-week challenge, 30-day detox etc. They then panic to reach their goal in time. Everyone knows their limits, how well their body responds to certain diets or programs, so these 'challenges may work for you. However, it is a suggestion that losing weight slowly and gradually over time is a healthier approach, both mentally and physically.

Just remember, there are 24 hours in a day… a 1-hour workout is 4% of your day – there really is no excuses. It is up to you to make time. That could mean waking up an hour earlier or sacrificing your favourite nighttime show – just know it is achievable. 

Enjoy The Process! 

Losing weight is a commitment. It will prove challenging, both mentally and physically, however, if it is something you want enough, it will all be worth it in the end. Don't give up, baby steps, believe in yourself and always remember why you started. 

Can I Speed Up The Process

Yes, 100%! Although weight loss is very much dependent on diet and exercise, but supplements can assist in the process of getting or helping you remain lean, however, just don't forget nutrition is key! 

Supplements we suggest to help are a lean protein supplement, a well formulate thermogenic formula and some great general health products. To find out our full recommendations, download our free "Fat Loss Basics Supplement Guide" below and learn exactly what the best supplements are for beginners fat loss are!

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