Burn Body Fat and Sleep Like Never Before!

Want to Burn Body Fat While You Sleep?

Who wouldn’t right?

At Spartansuppz.com we aim to have something for everyone and given it’s heating up it’s time to get into shape-and fast!

That being said not everyone like stimulants or tons of caffeine-not to worry we have you covered.

We have put together a night time fat burning stack designed to not only increase body fat utilisation but also help you sleep and recover better aswell.

This stack is made up of:

1 x ISP PM Burn

1 x Prime Nutrition Phenibut

How to take it:

Mix 1 serve of PM Burn in with 1-2 scoops of Phenibut and consume about 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Just one serve of this stack is going to prime your body for using more body fat for energy throughout the night and also put you into a deeper state of REM sleep. Getting good sleep and recovery is critical especially when trying to get lean when you normally push your body even harder in the gym.

The added advantage of better sleep is great production of growth hormone which will further enhance fat loss and also promote faster muscle recovery and repair.

If you are looking to get lean but don’t like the high-energy fat burners we’d recommend giving this stack a try for a month and see the results come with ease.

If you have any questions about this stack or any other products please feel free to email or leave a comment below anytime.

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